What happened to V105? [San Francisco]

V105 sat on a corner on upper Valencia, across from the U-Haul, and 1 block from Flax. They served breakfast and lunch and was a family run business. At least once a month, I would have their butternut squash sandwich and heartily enjoyed it. I think they baked their own focaccia which formed the base of this sandwich. Inside was thin slices of roasted butternut squash, paper thin slices of watermelon radish, a savory pesto with either asiago or pecorino cheese, and maybe some other veggie that I don’t now recall. It was a mixture of creamy from the squash, crispy from the radish, and salty/cheesy/umami-y from the pesto with the bread providing both a pillow-y and crispy contrast. I loved that sandwich.

I hadn’t gone over the summer and in early September, it seemed like the restaurant was closed. I assumed it may have been for a renovation so didn’t really think much of it and haven’t been able to get back. However, it is closed.

I thought they were doing a brisk business and their food, or at least that sandwich, was certainly delicious. Though I was tempted often by other items, the only thing I ever ate there and would crave was that butternut squash sandwich, and maybe a kouign amman. Does anyone know if the chef has gone on to something else? I think he used to cook at Garibaldi’s and he had the El Bulli books on a rack above the coffee maker. It was a charming and welcome addition to that part of Valencia. I’m sorry they are no longer part of the neighborhood.

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