What happened to # of views on the discussion boards?

Looks like another change to the discussion boards. I like to see the number of visitors to a post regardless of replies. What happened?

It’s and oddity, but it’s always been this way— it’ll only show the number of visitors when at least one person replies. (After I posted this, it now says 8 views)

I could open a region or subject and see the lists of topics which included users, # of replies, # of views and last updated.
But the # of views is gone. Can it come back?

It will come back. Something is broken and clash with the the view count. I need to fix that first…

thanks… that would be great.

Good to hear this, as I have the same problem. Thanks

Now I am not seeing any view counts on posts. What is the latest with this…Thanks

I am spending all my awake hours on the Q&A. So haven’t had a chance to work on this yet.

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Thanks for bringing back the view counts. It makes the boards appear that much more active…


Perhaps a little less time making excuses and more time fixing things! I mean seriously I expect what I pay for!!! (Needless to say I’m only busting your chops, thanks as always for everything you do Sampson)

Let’s sign you up for another mixed grill challenge…

Point goes to Sampson