What happened to Chat?

I don’t see the icon anymore.

What will I do when I leave fish in a cooler without ice overnight?

How about when restaurant staff has been abusive to me and I need to know if I should call the manager the next day?

What happens when I have an allergic reaction to a specific food?

These questions can only be answered by knowledgeable people on a food site and I think we are doing a diservice to folks when we are unable to answer these important questions in a timely manner.

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According to Hungry Onion a few days ago:

The chat feature is actually kinda buggy and affects some other stuff. I will probably wait for the person who wrote this to iron out the kinks first. So I just disabled it.

So I guess you’ll just have to eat the fish and see what happens, keep your mouth shut about the abusive service (you never know what they’ll do to your food) and go to the local ER with your allergic reaction.


See? That’s the kind of advice I was talking about! Except the part about going to the ER. I’ve done that, but they insist that I stop eating it. I didn’t like their advice either :wink:

So keep eating those peanuts/shellfish/gluten and keep your epi pen close and your bathroom the most comfy room in the house :stuck_out_tongue:

I truly hope that folks know that I am kinda making fun of the people on CH who many times asked the dumbest questions about food in the history of food poisoning.

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Yeah, I think HOs know that. I don’t really want you to make the bathroom the most comfy room in your house (or eat spoiled seafood).

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Whew…Good to know. :

There is no dumb question

I always thought the same thing.

But since the advent of the internet there are alot of dumb questions out there.

I had someone tell me that they were allergic to the crabs from the Gulf…but only if they were boiled. Wondered if they could eat boiled crabs from the Atlantic.

Dumb question and I don’t care what anyone says :confounded:

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