What Happened To Cafe Hong Kong in Manhattan Chinatown?

When we got there tonight the door on the street was propped open (something they never do), the mean lady in front wasn’t there, and even though you wouldn’t expect it to be full at 9pm, it was unusually empty. The menu was unchanged, though. We ordered two dishes, and they were just OK. When I went to pay I saw the business cards that said “New Café Hong Kong.” I guess there are new owners. What happened to the old crew?

I can’t answer your question, but I hope the new owners bring it back. We ate there twice, after learning about the place from Lau on Chowhound. The first time it was excellent. The second, a year or two later, led me to believe that there wouldn’t be a third. Now I’m hopeful again.

As recent as early April this year, Chowhounders are still reporting good experiences. Something happened in April?