What happened to all the board tags on posts ?

All of the posts no longer have the board tag listed below them. That is horrible. Please tell me it is a glitch

(iPhone interface - not upgraded to 10 yet)

For example my post used to have “site discussion” listed below it.

? I see the tag.

It used to have the tag on the list page. Now when looking at the list of posts you have no idea what board they are from …

Oh! I misunderstood you. That is odd. Food Talk Central still displays the tags on the list page - something must’ve happened here.

hmm. i updated the software yesterday night. would have to look into what changed. thanks for flagging.

They came back. Thanks. I still wish we had a today’s posts button, but in lieu of that I started paying attention to what forum they were in.

A new plugin messed up the layout. I removed the plugin. All’s well now.

Better, there’s now an orange line in the list of topics that indicate which ones are new since your last visit.

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