What food is worth the drive even if it's not in New Jersey? (neighboring states only please)

I concur, would be good to see more of you too!


Neighboring state only please. :slight_smile:

If NYC is easier for you the Dizengoff location in chelsea market is fantastic and they serve the zahav recipe hummus among other dishes

Union square greenmarket is lame lately, not much aside from root veggies. Much better to go from june-september and then go to Breads bakery nearby for their crazy babka or the dense unique north sea rye loaf

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I am hoping the snow holds off because I’m going to Ferri’s Pizza tomorrow with a friend.

I was hoping to keep NYC off this list, but since someone mentioned the city, Pommes Frites makes awesome Belgian Frites. French fries are fried once, then right before you order flash fried to crisp them up. Their equipment was imported from Belgium.

They make about 30 kinds of dipping sauces. 4 of them are free… the rest are like 50 cents or 3 for like $1 or something like that. I forget.

They also make poutine and you can get it in sizes up to 32oz (for 2). As for frites, I like to get a regular and 2 dipping sauces… have whoever I am with get a regular and 2 different dipping sauces as well. This way getting a small allows me to go for a second small and have more sauces!

I recommend you try the Bordeaux Wine, Figs, and Sage Mayo.

I’ve tried: Some of the sauces I’ve tried:

Irish Curry, Truffle Mayo, War Sauce, Frites Sauce, Smoked Eggplant, Parmesan Peppercorn, Curry Ketchup, Rosemary Garlic, Sundried Tomato, and maybe a few more.

Do you have allergies? They have a list on their website to show which sauces aew Glueten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Vegetarian + Fish, Nuts Free.

You can see it all here: http://www.pommesfritesnyc.com/Menu.html

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You’d be surprised. Norwich Meadows and Lani’s Farm had tons of leafy stuff when I was there last Monday. I go at least once a week, and by mid-February, the selection starts to expand. There’s always cheese and apples and fish and bread, and of course the expensive tomato people will sell you expensive tomatoes year round.

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My husband’s family have been going to Vincent’s for over 50 years. Now I’m drooling for it…

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Seriously considering driving to Ferri’s either this weekend or next. I’ve never tried the pierogi pizza, but what I’m imagining is already making me salivate :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

Bgut is just using a quick shortcut (through the Bronx) to get to Frank Pepe’s. A little latitude is necessary here :wink:


Hey guys I want to throw a huge WARNING out there

I made the drive to Ferri’s today. Roughly 3 hours one way I talked to the girl behind the counter about how far I drive for their potato pizza. I also mentioned I might be back next weekend. I was pondering how many of them to order to take back home for family and friends.

In the end I ordered a half tray (6 slices) to eat there, 1 full tray (12 slices) to take home with me (I usually order more but I’m traveling to Virginia the beginning of the month I believe so I want to save some money) and my friend ordered 1 full tray as well. We also ordered some pepperoni fries for there, two drinks, and I tried a Texas Weiner.

I do not know who is to blame. I got 2 hours towards home where I drop my friend off at his house. He calls me a few minutes later saying we got normal pizzas!!! I didn’t drive 3 hours for a normal pizza. I’m SO MAD. So mad I didn’t check.

I did the math… my friend paid for his full tray and I paid for everything else. They definitely charged us correctly… because the full trays of potato pizza are $20 and the normal red pizzas would have been $13 or so.

I am going to call them when I get up tomorrow, but I may never go back again.

PS - The Pepperoni Fries were amazing… where the heck do you get shredded pepperoni? It was fries, cheese, and shredded pepperoni. Hormel makes chunks of pepperoni (like little 1/4 inch squares), but this was finely shredded. It was really good.

PSS - The Texas Weiner was decent. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good. Hot dog is cut width wise, then split down the middle lengthwise. Cooks them in the pizza oven and puts them on a hamburger bun. Yellow mustard. Decent chili. Not spicy, but was a good chili.

So you’ve been warned. Check the contents of your box before you leave. Now that I realize it did feel a little light.

Well, I can’t edit my post… I should have held off posting until I spoke with Ferri’s. My judgement of “never go back again” was quick posted and harsh. I just wanted to say the owner was more than happy to fix the situation (give me 2 pies), I have to drive back again, though, which I kind of was planning next weekend anyway. So I’ll most likely go back as I did have some other plans in Pennsylvania that day and I’ll definitely get the pepperoni fries again.


Philly is a great food destination. My favorite place is this super hole in the wall chicken pho joint: https://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-pho-ga-thanh-thanh-philadelphia

They have 2 things on the menu: Chicken pho and chicken. It is simply phonominal (bad pun, but had to). Their chicken isn’t normal supermarket chicken. They taste like the chicken I ate growing up, with a much more prominent chew, and somehow they all have egg yolks inside them. I’d really like to know where I can get chicken like this.

Also, if I’m ever doing a road trip that takes me past the Palisades Mall, I always stop in for the conveyor belt sushi there. It’s nothing spectacular, but the price is right and food is good. I’m not aware of any conveyor belt sushi places in NJ otherwise.

Of course we can talk about NYC pretty much all day, so I have two NYC stops that are my favorites:

I’m a big fan of the Latino drag of Roosevelt Ave. Pretty much every country south of the US is represented here in a big way. A really fun place to walk around and see different foods of the Americas.

And best of all, the Chinese representation in Flushing just can’t be beat. Yeah, the Koreans are there too, but we have Palisades Park so I don’t go here for the Chinese. Between food courts like New World and Golden mall, it’s an ethnic dining mecca.


Thanks @CurlzNJ and @NotJrvedivici. I like to sneak in and out every once in awhile. Even though I might not be posting much, I regularly read most of the threads. Thanks to you both for doing a great job holding down the fort. I hope to one day see you as well as my good friend @seal at a future HOdown. Be well.


Great topic, eager to explore more of these long forgotten favorites. Too much social media focus on the blingy, starry joints these days.

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I feel like I need pepperoni fries in my life…

So we went back. We didn’t have pepperoni fries. We had garlic parmesan boneless wings. Presentation was really nice:


Here’s a pic of the Pepperoni Fries… there were a few round circles of pepperoni, but the rest was shredded. I tried to do it at home and it wasn’t the same. Didn’t even taste the same. Theirs was fantastic.



I was thinking the pepperoni fries were cut into fry shape and deep fried, like the pork roll fries at Bond Street Bar

Driving to other states got me thinking… one day we should invade another states HO down.

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You know what I forgot to mention here? Little Sicily 2 in Philadelphia. At first it all sounds normal, but then you find the Indian cheesesteaks on the menu. Workers there would make them for their lunch and customers saw and were like what is that I want one. They got put on the menu.

Things like Tandoori Fries, Tandoori Chicken Cheesesteak, Spicy Cheesesteaks, veggie options too, Indian pizza too:

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What a great idea for a thread. I’ll have to give it some thought.

Steve’s Prince of Steaks. Philadelphia and Langhorne PA.

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