What food is worth the drive even if it's not in New Jersey? (neighboring states only please)

This 8 on the break place sounds amazing. Is it still around?

And Indian Cheesesteak?? Get out of town, I have to have this in my mouth!!

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8 On The Break isn’t as good as it sounds. Small arcade. One or two pool tables. Maybe 30 games total? They have fighting tournaments and dance type game tournaments. Also a room with about 8 or so pinballs. The carpet has been there forever. The owner, Chris, once told me he gets his cheesesteak meat directly from Philly. I didn’t really care for their cheesesteaks. It operates on quarters when a lot of arcades have switched to a pay one price for all you can play model.

One or two pool tables? Why in my 30+ year old minds eye do I remember a dozen tables???

@NotJrvedivici I think they have 2. Up front at one point they had one also I believe, but it gets in the way if you’re playing games on that row.

PS - I should have added Walter’s Hot Dogs to my list. It’s in Mamaroneck, NY. Cost a lot to go there from NJ with gas and a large toll going over the bridge.

They serve hot dogs split down the middle then grilled in butter I believe. They’re a special blend of veal and pork I believe. They also have their own special mustard.

If you go there in the summer you can eat out doors. Pretty nice area with trees and down the road is water, although I’ve never went down there.

When I go there I usually order 20 or 30 hot dogs to go and eat a few there. Fries are pretty good too.

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If I drove from NJ for the sole purpose of going to Walters I would not be happy … but that is just my opinion

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Um, that dog does not look good to me…

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That is a very sad looking dog to me.

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It’s much more typical of what I found in Scandinavia but not good like the ones there … not for everyone … I also just hate split dogs

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Ummmmmm @jetermacaw…you can’t drop a bomb like this as your second post ever and not tell us where this is from. C’mon man…that’s just cruel.


Sorry, I grew up on the Texas Wieners on Watchung Ave. in Plainfield. Also in Plainfield was Red Tower, they were OK but not as good as Watchung Ave. Over the years the Watchung Ave. spot changed hands and it just wasn’t the same. That’s when I discovered J & G in Dunellen, which now is the favorite of all us Shore people who grew up on Watchung Ave. Death Dogs. I remember when the were 15c each, that’s how long I’ve been eating them!

These dogs look legit. I need some in my mouthhhh

I grew up on Park Avenue in Edison, just over the bridge in South Plainfield/Edison boarder. I know Red Tower well, as the matter of fact a friend of my fathers use to own a used car lot behind Red Tower and was killed in a failed robbery attempt in the early 80’s.

I was just in the area (I now live in Monmouth County) and stopped at Tony’s Pizza for a couple slices in the new Shop Rite plaza. That was my childhood pizza place!

Do you remember the old Jacques on Park Ave from the late 70’s - mid 80’s? It became 2000 Park Ave in 86, I was a manager there till 92.

I spent a lot of time at Carusos and Giovanni’s on South Ave in Plainfield during those times.

Caruso’ s was my favorite restaurant of the time, I actually got engaged there! (Messed up story on what became the demise of them and the restaurant. Giovanni’s which ironically was owned by Tony Caruso, was a close family friend. If you spent a lot of time at those places then we have certainly crossed paths at some point in time.

Slightly earlier from the mid 70’s to mid 80’s Pumptown Corners in Edison was my family’s restaurant.

Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen!

I’ve been in my the kitchen two days!! Here’s the spread;


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mmm is that lamb I spy on the right
lovely family :heart:
Hi mini - me

Wow…looks incredible JR. Any leftovers?


Yes lamb chops second from bottom on right, filet mignon below it.