What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

Yep, counter service. They panini the toast but otherwise it’s pretty good. It’s all about the chicken salad. I like the classic best so far.

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I had a lemon/basil and one that had green grapes and nuts iirc. Both were quite good. The lemon/basil was minced a little finer than I would prefer but that is a minor quibble.

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The problem with your counsel is that the corporations themselves make a big deal out of their political positions. To vote with one’s wallet is about all anyone can do; making that position clear is, with respect to food companies, part of voting with one’s wallet.

For me, no Dominoes and no Chik-fil-A is part of a food discussion. It’s made easier (again for me) by Dominoes Pizza not being very good and Chik-fil-A–based on credible reports–not living up to the hype.


All the other chicken sandwich purveyors need new social media directors as they have disappeared from the discussion and now it is Popeyes vs. CFA in a fight to something or other…

My council was to summarize and bring the conversation back with in the guidelines of Hungry Onion. Some wiggle room may be granted but when things go past a certain point I prefer to bring it up. I’d rather people have a chance to calm down and step back rather than shutting down a topic. I’m not arguing the validity of this - simply saying this is not the place.

"Excluded discussions– Please no discussions on the following topics: Policies, politics, racism, disability, religion, sexual orientation, discrimination."


Not picking sides on any dispute, it seems there have been several reported fist fights breaking out nationally over the demand for the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. I passed my local Popeye’s on Saturday afternoon and the line was out of the parking lot, I had no idea what was going on, I guess it was this.


I’ve driven past several Popeye’s in the Triangle area of NC the last few days.There have not been lines out the door. But this is Bojangle’s country so perhaps there is less interest in this new sandwich.


Let’s hope we can all strive to be aware of our words and their underlying attitudes.:grin:

Fully accepted. Politics so often have an impact on food but the rules reflect the reality that civil discourse has become the exception rather than the rule.

I do appreciate the civility of the moderation request and will do my utmost deserve the civility and respect inherent thereto.


I used to eat a lot of gizzard when I was younger, because my mom would only buy whole, fresh slaughtered chickens that came with everything, and so neck, heart, liver and all the other innards were used. Fried gizzard sounds great!


Moderators Note

As you may notice this thread has received a few alterations due to some language that was used which left some people uncomfortable.

The decision was made to remove the language that was deemed offensive, there is no need to debate or clarify something that is now a moot issue.

We ask that the conversation(s) continue but be food focused, there is no need to debate topics which are no longer a part of the conversation.

Let’s move on, there is nothing more to be said or done.

Thank you for your cooperation.



I got to say, the Beyond Meat company has really put together a strong multifaceted debut. Even my youngest sister, who is not food oriented in the least, has heard of and commented on the product!


I had a Beyond Super Star at Carl’s Jr. today and have to say it was far tastier than the one I made at home from Beyond burger patties from my local market. No idea why!

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I really have no desire to try any of it. The burgers aren’t that healthy if you look. I believe they have more sodium than a regular burger.

My dad actually liked it. He had one at Burger King. If you were to ask me who would be the last person in the world to try one, my dad would be the answer. I cant believe he tried one. I was floored. He said it tasted like a regular burger and he never eats fast food.

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Did he say why he decided to try it?

I haven’t been motivated enough to look at the nutritional data.

The vegans I know who are motivated from an environmental stand point might purchase. The vegans who are motivated from an animals rights pov would simply not go into or do business with a fast food place. So I guess they are offering this option from a “healthy” standpoint?

No clue why he tried it. It is very strange.

I think they are similar in nutrition but the meat has more calories (slightly) and veggie has more sodium and carbs (more carbs I suppose can be good or bad depending on your dietary needs)

Is this a real article? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/food-drink/dairy-queen-burgers-human-meat-store-says.amp

Instead of raiding the store, I’d raid the house of the person who claimed to know what human flesh tastes like, or looks like

It does seem odd to replicate the taste and mouth feel of something you have decided to avoid. For example, I–an omnivore–eat Morningstar soy sausage patties because they taste good and have less grease than pork sausage, not because they look similar. Given the amount of salt, as you note, in burger replacements it would seem that mushroom, bean, or tofu patties are a more reasonable dietary element than a “Beyond Burger” or “Impossible Burger.”

I eat fast food rarely, perhaps once a year driven more by nostalgia than anything else, and wouldn’t miss it if it disappeared. Accordingly I’m not the demographic fast food is targeting. Clearly a lot of talented food scientists and marketing people think there is a demographic to target. grin

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