What does this mean?

“(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)”

Does that mean if I flag a post withdrawn by author it will be un-withdrawn (perhaps so I can see why it was withdawn)?

I’m thinking that if it gets flagged, they look at it and withdraw it sooner than 24hrs?

Ie. I’d I post something terrible about another member, like “so and so must eat s#*t on a regular basis to recommend eating dinner at…” I then decide maybe I shouldn’t have posted that and I withdraw the post. It might take up to 24hrs to get deleted BUT if you come along and flag it, admins might look at it sooner and delete it right away.

I think with or without you flagging, the system will delete the message for good after 24 hours. within the 24 hour window, I think its ‘hidden from view’ unless the admin restores the message.

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