What does dairy actually mean? (funny)

So yesterday, I was at one of the local Publix stores when they were sampling the “dish of the week” – they have a program called Aprons, where they prepare quick and easy meals that are “out of the rut” and give out taste samples. There’s a small display right next to the demonstration area that carries all of the ingredients for that recipe, plus laminated recipe cards. I’ve used it a LOT on frantic nights, as it’s a great solution for nights you have NO idea what to put on the table, but can’t stand the thought of one more stinking rotisserie chicken.

The dish is green chile chicken over asparagus, with hummus crostini. I ask her to please not put sauce on mine, as I can see the creamy sauce. “Oh, but the sauce makes it!” I appreciate that, but I can’t digest dairy. “But there’s no milk in that”. Gosh, it really looks creamy! “it is creamy – it’s a base of cream of broccoli soup, with sour cream” Blink. Blink. Sorry, no sauce please. “Suit yourself” – and it is really good, and I’m sure the chile sauce was rocking – so I picked up the recipe card anyway.


Some people are just clueless. I invited a vegan friend to T-giving dinner. Step mom innocently offered to make mashed potatoes. I said, “no thanks, I’ll do it so I’m sure they are vegan.” Stepmom was taken aback that butter isn’t vegan.

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You should educate her… because she is going to keep offering that sour cream sauce to lactose intolerance people.

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Unfortunately, she wasn’t having any of it. I was being hysterical.

Lactose intolerance varies in severity. That being said, cream of anything soup is definitely not non-dairy. :slight_smile:

I’ve been to Italian restaurants on more than one occasion and ordered pasta without cheese, and when I received my plate and questioned it, was told kindly, “No, there is no cheese, it is only the Parmesan.”


When we lived in Paris, I was always amused to see a vegetarian salad adorned with lardons…

On the other hand, I have had to explain to numerous people that eggs are not dairy products, and neither is coconut milk. Facepalm.


It doesn’t seem like it should be so complicated, does it?

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It still amazes me the number of people I encounter who think eggs are dairy.

I just posted the same thing and then saw your post. It’s mind boggling. I just heard it today, it’s not uncommon. Perhaps because they are near the milk or cows and chickens live on farms? I don’t know, I don’t get why people think this.


I can see that confusion. Because supermarkets always put eggs at/very near the dairy section, so people have a tendency to subconsciously associate one with another (milk, butter, cheese, yogurt… then eggs).

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That’s what I assume explains the confusion but a little moment of thought and you realize eggs come from chickens not milk producing animals plus not sure most are looking up at those signs but some must be.

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Nor mayo