What dish did we see at Sichuan Gourmet in Burlington, MA?

I love all the options for Sichuan food in the greater Boston area. My family’s regular place has become Sichuan Gourmet in Burlington because I love their Mapo Tofu. The other weekend I saw a family eating what I could have sworn looked like pork shoulder or something similar - it didn’t look cut into slices like the bacon is. I perused the menu and can’t figure out what I saw. Was I imagining things?

Pork shin with chef’s special sauce is on the specials menu in Billerica but not in Burlington. Could it have been a special request?

It is entirely possible. Hmmm. Between that and the hand pulled noodles perhaps it’s time for a visit to the Billerica location.

Billerica has hand-pulled noodles? In a specific dish, or can you have them in any noodle dish/soup?

Actually, the menu says handmade noodles, not hand pulled not sure if that means something different.

I also haven’t tried them yet; I just saw the entry on the Billerica menu on their website.

We regularly get the “Spicy Handmade Noodle w. Lamb” and like it a lot; they seem similar to hand-pulled noodles I’ve had elsewhere. The menu also offers the spicy handmade noodles with pig intestine, and lists something called “Youpo Handmade Noodles w. Fresh Cucumber” (haven’t tried that yet). I don’t know if they’re available in other dishes.

One of my current faves at SG in Billerica is the “Dry- Braised Mushroom w. Pork Belly in Spicy Sauce”. It’s multiple kinds of mushrooms with pork belly accents in a spicy broth full of Sichuan peppercorn served over a flame.

Does anyone know which chicken prep at Sichuan Gourmet is the closest to Sichuan Garden’s “Chengdu Dry Hot Chicken” (small boneless pieces fried with chili and garlic and Sichuan peppercorn)? Sichuan Gourmet’s “Old Sichuan Chicken” pieces are too large and despite the name there’s no detectable Sichuan peppercorn. They also have a “Dried Chicken w. Chili Sauce” and a “Smoky Hot Chicken w. Cayenne” but we haven’t tried those yet.

The smoky hot chicken with cayenne is shredded and presumably stir-fried, with shredded peppers (probably long-horn pepper, like the beef with shredded pepper.) I’m guessing that the dry chicken with chili sauce is the closest. You might try asking them which dish is closest, since the name “Chengu dry hot chicken” (成都干辣鸡 is fairly standard, I think.

Just took a look at the menu, and looks like the handmade noodles are just the few dishes T.B mentioned. (I was having a craving for beef noodle soup with hand-pulled noodles!) Will still have to give them a try if I’m ever around Billerica.

Dried Chicken With Chili is pretty close to the Chengdu dish. http://thedailylunch-woburn.blogspot.com/2016/08/sichuan-gourmet-burlington.html


Thanks, that’s what I’ll try next time I’m there.

Tried the “Dried Chicken w. Chili Sauce last night”. Similar form factor but it’s missing the cracktastic Sichuan peppercorn and fried garlic of Sichuan Garden’s “Chengdu Dry Hot Chicken”. Not bad, with cumulative chili heat if you’re into that.

It’s a good reminder that I should choose restaurants based on the meal I want at the time. Sichuan Gourmet’s Kung Pao Chicken is one of my favorite versions so when I want that I know where to go.

(Re: the op, I like the Ma Po Tofu at Sichuan Gourmet too. It’s also good at Sichuan Garden and Fu Loon, as I recall.)

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