What Did You Drink Today (non-wine) #1? (2015-2020)

You’ll find me drinking bourbon most nights. I’m in a little group that does a lot of private barrel selections. Tonight it’s a Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit to start the evening. Not something I reach for often but probably the best KS I’ve had

Had an excellent Peckinpah @Franklin Mortgage Saturday night, and a fab Aviation at the Ranstead Room Sunday night.

Both DH and I had a manhattan last night. New bar adds a bit of green chartreuse to their manhattans which, after sampling a few times, I really like. DH also had a Lagunitas IPA.

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Like the Manhattan idea. I have a 5L barrel that is in the process of being seasoned with cheap whiskey to become a “live” Manhattan barrel. I just need to get a lot of the woody flavor out the wood before putting in the good stuff in. Will take a while

Nice Scubedoo. DH has been looking at barrels for some Manhattans and Negronis, but he has not purchased anything yet. Keep me updated on your experiment and maybe we will play along.

I had a bunch of organic strawberries that need using up (because of course they’re only good for like 23 minutes after you get them home) so I made a old school margaritas with fresh lime juice and a simple syrup. Very refreshing, limey, delish, but I gulped down two of them in like 10 minutes and “had” to sip on tequila for the rest of the evening. (full disclosure: it was Cuervo Gold. the only kind the BF drinks.)


this was a really nice bottle of scotch exactly where i like it, a touch of peat but not like eating my garden dirt😉


I have not had it but I’d guess the Moscatel cask finish must give it a nice sweet finish

It was really nice, I am by no means a connoisseur but I enjoy a good glass of scotch on occasion.
It was a gift but I would buy it worth the money. Sad the bottle is gone but all good things must come to an end.

A white negroni so we could try our new bottle of Suze.


Polished off the end of a private Four Roses barrel pick. What a great pour

Found a blenheim’s red top, and it seemed a good way to welcome fall.


UFO pumpkin and skull shooters of Crown Royal Reserve.

Blenheim is an excellent golden ginger ale . Perfect with bourbon or rye. The spice is assertive and distinctive.

I’m going to look for that ginger ale. Is it spicy like Fever Tree’s ginger beer?

The red cap is the hot one and it’s down right spicy


i want that! i want to try Suze! never heard of it before, so curious!

last night i made a fresh lime/fresh orange juice / tequila / and a splash of Campari, shaken. ran out of tequila, so I segued into a Negroni. leetle hung today…

today, i bought some St. Germaine, and have a bottle of cava at home… we shall see…

Went with the classic Manhattan again yesterday. Today it was some Victory IPAs.

Poker game last night. Vodka/fresh lime/soda/dash of Fevertree tonic all night.

My adult lemonade '-)

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