What could this possibly be??????

I saw this posted on Facebook without any explanation as to what this could have possibly been. Any ideas? I cannot imagine what could become as molten as that from stove top cooking? Background appears to be a commercial kitchen, not a science lab.

Any guess’s? (all I know is I don’t think I would ever eat this persons cooking again!)

My vote is for a souffle, or something similar.

You wouldnt get charring like that from stove top cooking. Must have been in the oven or under a grill.

Possibly those rice vermicelli-type noodles that balloon when they hit hot oil then burst into flames? Otherwise, it looks like something with a lot of sugar got torched.

Looks like sugar to me. Well actually it looks like molten lava from the mouth of a white hot volcano disguised to look like a pot

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That looks like the heart of Mordor in the middle.


I’m going with sugar or some sort of syrup as well. I once left a pot of syrup on low and got distracted by a lengthy phone call. I came back to a charred foam.

I did an image search - it was caramel.


Agree overheated sugar of some sort

yeah, overheated caramel - see the original post here, like volcano eruption…

wouldn’t hire this guy, he destroys kitchens !

I saw it as well on FB, and cannot even imagine what it was supposed to have been. It does look like a commercial kitchen of some sorts (faucet and paper towel dispenser in the background, as well as the flattop the pot is sitting on.)

Oh wow! This was done 7 months ago! LOL

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo