What Are Your Very Earliest Memories About Food?

U-bet :slight_smile: I remember cream soda in Delis, wax lips, Mary Janes, chocolate ice cubes. We had cool candy. And, black & white cookies & Charlotte Russe from the bakery.

YES!!! And fizzies were a staple in camp where we never got soda. So the folks would send up fizzies and we at least had flavored water!

I think I remember these now - the mention of summer camp did it. We had a root beer flavored disc that you dropped in water. It fizzed, colored and flavored. I liked it at the time.

Cup-a-soup (French Onion) was another care package favorite at camp. Same for the International Coffee French Vanilla tin. I guess all things “French” seemed very sophisticated!

Candy cigarettes? Remember those?


I tried to buy some when I quit smoking. I thought they would help get through the hand to mouth part of the habit. I then learned they don’t seem to make them any more. A different world from when Marlboro gave away free mini packs (4 cigs) at the county fair to any and all!

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Smoke em if you got em…


Tiny was coke bottles with sugar syrup in them

I’d forgotten about fizzies til now. I remember drinking them out of my grandma’s aluminum drinking glasses that were each a different color. Metallic colors I should say - anyone remember those?


Yes, and somehow they made everything so much more,thirst quenching!

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My great grandmother used to go buy her cigarettes (Chesterfield unfiltered lol) and would buy us candy cigs at the same time. She smoked her whole life and made it to 92 years old. We lived on candy cigs, those insanely salty thin pretzel sticks, and soda…oh and and 2nd hand smoke while we were there. : )


Yes Gwenn! And they got so cold and icy on the outside! We got to choose the color we wanted too.


Candy cigs were one of my favorites! I Remember when the 1st 101 Dalmations came out and I wanted to buy a cigarette holder so I could appear sophisticated like Cruella Deville. My parents must have said that was going too far, because I never got one.


My childhood metallic cup was magenta, and is lost to the decades. But some years back I spotted a blue one at a yard sale, and it’s been my bathroom cup ever since. More recently, I have seen them in stores, a retro revival.

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What about its far more interesting sibling, bubble gum cigarettes? Candy cigarettes were these skinny sticks, but the bubble gum ones looked like cigarettes AND you could “blow smoke” with them (thanks to a powder on the wrapper). I’ve never smoked nor have ever been tempted, but I spent a ton of money on these during the summer between 5th and 6th grade.

Ah yes! They were rare around these parts but I do recall.

How about those little tiny drinks that were about the size of a grenade? They were just probably the worst thing you could drink healthwise beside turpentine

I don’t remember the cigars at all…

We had bubble gum cigars to pass out when my younger brother was born in 1979.

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This one cracks me up



They were cigarettes–looked like the real thing from the distance.

As for bubble gum cigars, I still see them in those big candy stores.

The bubble gum ones from my youth had parody logos, like they were developed by Wacky Packs or Mad Magazine.

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