What are you listening to (podcast edition)?

I enjoy following the ‘what are you listening to’ thread and have (re)discovered some great music that i haven’t heard in ages or was completely new to me.

however, if i’m being honest, what i’m listening to is often podcasts, particularly when i’m cooking, which is often. i could list a ton a podcasts that i’ve enjoyed in the past few months, but there would be too many. some things I find are long past publication, but are new to me. if i had to focus on a few things that i have been streaming recently the list would be something like this (title / general category):

Off Menu / Comedy, Food. Interviews focusing on favourite meals.
Be Podding You / Comedy, TV. Commentary discussing The Prisoner (1967)
The Plot Thickens / Film. Short seasons focused on a single topic. Currently Pam Grier
Projection Booth / Cinephillia. Long running, wide ranging film criticism
The Coldest Case in Laramie / True Crime, journalism
Shedunnit / Detective Fiction (of the interbellum period)

Do you have some pods that you have dived in to recently and would recommend? always looking for new content.


How fortuitous!! I was just about to ask folks what their personal favorite podcasts were. I’m very VERY late to the game, and know almost none

I’ve listened to Marc Maron’s WTF for individual episodes over the years, and that’s about where my knowledge ends.

There’s a few there (film criticism? Yes please!) I’ll definitely be checking out.

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Savage Love
Decoder Ring

good call. WTF is consistently good and often great. i dip in and out of it depending on the guest. thinking of some standout episodes i recommend the one’s with Lyn-Manuel Miranda and Rosie Perez.

I’ve checked in with Decoder Ring and really appreciate it. Other pods that i recommend of this ilk are ‘You’re Wrong About’ and ‘American Hysteria’.

i’ve been going through some of the Oscar pictures that i hadn’t seen. After watching Babylon and Triangle of Sadness recently, i’ve enjoyed the discussion of each on the ‘Next Best Picture’ pod.

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HowDidThisGetMade, Ambulance (2022) episode

Latest episode focuses on the Michael Bay film Ambulance. An absolute batsh*t crazy movie that features perhaps the longest sustained car chase every committed to film. Every scene, every line-reading is amped up to an 11. Fun watch for me and the podcast is great.