What are you cooking for Chinese New Year?

Did you manage to get yourself a live fish? Good luck, enjoy your meal, and happy new year!

Thanks! I haven’t gone yet. I don’t want to go too early and have the dish sit for a whole day before dinner. But I don’t want to risk them running out of fish by going too late either. Still debating when to go…

Y’all know that Koreans and other countries celebrate Lunar new year, right? Drives me nuts when it’s referred to as Chinese New Year (apologies to OP).

I’m making an all-veggie lunch tomorrow: jap chae, ddukguk, buying dumplings, smacked cukes.



I originally thought the Chinese immigrants in other Asian countries celebrate New Year, but didn’t realize Koreans, and others do, too. This is good to know.

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Apologies again for my cranky post - I’ve been in a bad mood all week (gee, I wonder why?!). I meant only to educate, not to lash out. Appreciate your ultra-polite response.

Happy Lunar New Year!


Curious, do Vietnamese and Korean Lunar New Years also correspond with animals, e.g. Rooster?

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Well I drove to a shop that normally stocks fancier grouper and cod, but all but one of the groupers were gone. and the last fancy cod was way too big for us. So I got this fellow, a US black cod.

Before steaming.

After steaming, plus the rice ovalette.

Happy new year everyone! Gung hey fat choy!


Yes. I am a Rat. :frowning:


The Vietnamese zodiac corresponds with the Chinese zodiac (animals) except the year of the rabbit is replaced with the cat.


We were invite to a potluck for Chinese new year. I hadn’t decided what to take but since it’s the new year I’m sort of trying to clean out the freezer. I took out what I thought was a rack of ribs to cook & when I opened the package it wasn’t one rack… It was three racks. Which is a bit more than I can eat so we took ribs. Just a funny story.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
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