What are you cooking during the blizzard of '17? [NJ]

OK, so maybe not a huge blizzard but a fire and slowcooker day if I ever saw one.

Keeping it simple. Soup on low simmer since 7 am. Making pastina later and adding separately, otherwise it soaks up all the liquid.

Roasting these asparagus and little potatoes later to have with some jumbo lump crabcakes.

I’ll eventually make another pot of this Mushroom-Spinach soup w Middle Eastern Spices. As soon as I read the recipe I knew it would be good and it did NOT disappoint!

Fantastic flavor and it’s rare I can eat (just) a bowl of veggie soup for dinner and feel full. Tweaks: I used a mix of oil and butter and WF low-sodium veg stock (a staple in my house) instead of water. I may roast the mushrooms this time… :slight_smile:

Last night I picked up a few other things–red potatoes and asparagus for roasting (@seal and I did NOT discuss this, btw), and a whole lot of SNACKS. Guac, chips, crudite items, etc. Not sure what that’s about, but there it is. :blush:

I forgot. My wife just came back from Paris with bread and almond croissant ;o)

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I have a cold so made myself a batch of tomato soup minus the cream and some cheesy bread for lunch. Now thinking about reheating the rest or just eating a bowl of oranges.

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Chopped liver - not my usual snow day food. I bought the chicken livers earlier in the week and figured that today was a good time to finally cook them. On most snow days I bake some sort of dessert.

Minestrone tomorrow.