What are you cooking/buying? (GBA Edition)

Hopefully this isn’t against the rules, but I’m hoping we can start a cooking discussion that’s more reflective of seasonal produce and local markets around Boston, and perhaps add a few recipes to our own repertoires too.

So what’s good at the market, and what are you doing with them?


Prune plums have been spotted at Market Basket, which is always a reliable sign of fall to me. What could you do with them beside making Marian Burro’s plum torte?

Here’s a peach galette from last week; used supermarket peaches instead of the precious local peaches ripening on kitchen counter, but it still turned out well. I’m a crust person, so galette always seem to have a better crust-to-filing ratio than pies.


I haven’t done much but eaten them out of hand, but this year’s peaches and nectarines have actually been pretty good. These aren’t always the greatest around here, but I think maybe last year’s warm winter really helped these crops.


Totally agree on this year’s peaches!
I got some of those plums at market basket last week, and halved them, put in a baking crock cut side up. Drizzled coconut oil over them ( was low on butter), then some maple syrup. Put them. In the oven to roast with some veggies from Wilson Farm.they were great for dessert! Had cold leftovers the next morning with Greek yogurt.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold