What are you baking? November 2023

Can we see the cheese Pennies?

Naturally I failed to snap them. I have 2 more logs in the fridge that I’ll slice and bake on Sunday so will photograph them before distributing to sons. The recipe came from a long time church member but I’ve been told Ina has a very similar recipe


Oh yes I remember these now. Yum! Lucky UUs!

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Since I know a few of you are doing gluten-free baking, just wanted to pass along KICA’s free recipe for this weekend of gluten-free coffe and pecan cupcakes:


Pistachio cake adapted from Nordic Ware’s 3 cup Vanilla Poundcake. This is a 4 cup mold and I dithered whether to up the quantities but really didn’t want a larger cake, so I stuck “ mostly” with the simple ingredients. I subbed 1/4 c pistachio flour for the AP and reduced the sugar a bit. Added 1/8t pistachio flavoring and used buttermilk rather than yogurt, plus some roasted pistachio oil. Very fragrant when baking, I tasted a few crumbs and it is delightfully pistachio forward. A thinish chocolate glaze and some chopped pistachios were the toppings.



Curious — do your bundts dome? (I’m still thinking about the extra doming I had yesterday even baking at 275.)

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Depending more on the flour I use, if I use self rising, it’s always got a little more boost. I did use it here but the pistachio flour took care of that. Baked at 335* confection bake,this particular cake bakes very rapidly. I also make most of my cakes in the FP, so that likely also has some effect. I adhere to the “big bang” theory, both before and after. It definitely settles the cake down.

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Looks good, I will check it out!

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So funny, I never do this but I actually did yesterday, hoping it would flatten them out a bit :joy:

I also cut back both the baking powder and the baking soda (I only stock AP).

That d@mn extra egg, I knew it was the culprit :rofl:

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Perhaps…if you ever make the cake the same way twice😂, you could reduce the leavening agent a bit. The center tube definitely provides heat considerably more rapidly than a round cake mold.

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I usually make this cake relatively consistently :rofl:— except for where the orange flavor is coming from (juice, liqueur, oleosaccharum, etc).

But I should probably read my own notes. Not my first egg encounter :woman_facepalming:t2:.

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This cake has two eggs and only 3/4 c flour. I think it’s a misnomer to call it a poundcake as it’s a tender cake with a little bit of fluff to it. I have used jumbo eggs in other cakes and have been pleased with the results, but I agree, it does increase the rise.

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They are also used in savory Applications. A Moroccan Tagine comes to mind also I know it is used in some Persian Dishes as well.


I made this lemon ricotta cake for dessert last night. I had guests over and served Carmine’s penne alla vodka and Carmine’s (antipasto) salad. I wanted to keep the Italian-American theme going so I looked for a recipe for ricotta cake. This was simple to make and absolutely delicious. I served it with macerated strawberries. I had planned for vanilla whipped cream too but I didn’t have time before my friends came over and then we started doing shots. . . ahem. hahahaha


Oh that looks great

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it was really good and simple to make

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A cake I made just to sample, so I didn’t bother to do anything except assemble it. This is a salted Oreo cream cake. I had seen it making the rounds and was very curious about the salty cream. A little under 1% salt is added to a lightly sweet (a bit less than 10%) whipped cream filling.
The first cake I attempted for this was so unsweet! It contained as much sugar as flour while also having cocoa. I’m all for not too sweet, but this cake didn’t taste sweet at all.
I tried another version and it was a bit sweeter, but still rather lacking in sweetness overall.
I finally went with a chocolate sponge I like. It’s not very sweet, but sweeter than those cakes.
The salted cream is interesting. Salt makes the milky flavor of cream really stand out and emphasizes the Oreo flavor. I kind of like it, but I am not sure if it’s something you want a lot of as the salt builds up. I am of two minds about the cakes I tried out. On one hand, salt tones down bitterness so those cakes might work well. On the other hand, I kind of feel like a sweeter cake is necessary to contrast the salty cream.


I didn’t bake this “bun”, but MIL did;

Made with

Washed down with ginger beer. :grin:


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Pita with sourdough starter. I wanted to make these because they are made with a decent amount of egg white, which I always have on hand. These also contain a pretty good amount of oil. I often find pita loses a lot when it cools down, but these are so delicious when fully cooled no doubt in part due to these additions plus of course sourdough starter. And they contain more protein than regular pita, too.

I love the crumb here

These do not like deflating even when completely cool.