What Are You Baking? May 2024

I don’t normally use butter in cornstarch-thickened pies - not sure whether it would meld into the filling the way it does with flour. I can see why @Nannybakes added some lime to the recipe as it might not be quite bright enough without a little acid (despite rhubarb’s natural tartness). A little liqueur (limoncello, ginger, etc.) might also be nice to jazz it up a bit!

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Yes, I agree @Nannybakes suggestion for lime is a good one, as is the limoncello. I’ve made a note for next pie - thank you!

I know my mother used to do that sometimes, when she couldn’t be bothered to do a complete weave.

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I had 2/3 rhubarb and 1/3 strawberries in mine. Thickener was instant tapioca ,the bottom was dusted with fine oatmeal and i dotted the top with butter before the lattice went on.


This afternoon I baked a simple batard from “Modernist Bread” that was very pleasant eating . A soft but crisp crust and a fine , light crumb, the taste was more complex than I had expected from a straight dough. This was made in the food processor with some additional hand kneading to achieve a window pane. I had to squeeze it a bit to get it into a 13” covered baking pan, baked at high heat for about 30 minutes. This will make excellent toast tomorrow morning.


Three ingredient Cream Party Biscuits, to serve under strawberries. These have quite a bit more sugar than other cream biscuit recipes.

1 C. self rising flour (1 C. All Purpose Flour + 1 ½ tsp baking powder + ½ tsp. salt)
1 C cream
3 T. sugar

Place mounded round spoonfuls (or shaped balls) in 12 greased cupcake wells or 24 miniature cupcake wells. Bake 10-12 minutes at 400 degrees.

From The Four Ingredient Cookbook by Linda Coffee and Emily Cale, 1990-1991


Thank you! These will be perfect for a quick strawberry shortcake this weekend!

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Also this is a sentence


Well now you have a nice stash for your breakfast pleasure. Were they looking right at you? Hate when that happens but happy you found them!


Where? Had you already looked there three times?


Of course you did!! Where were they hiding??


In the freezer, but wrapped in a way that I did not recognize them.

I wrapped them myself, of course.


This not only sounds like something I would do…it is something I have done!


Another simple bread using the same formula from “Modernist Bread”. This was a larger batch and I have reserved1/3 for a subsequent bake. Instead of a preheated 470* oven, I started it a cold oven as it had risen considerably quicker than I had anticipated. I frequently make bread in a cold start oven to very satisfactory results, including this one :blush:. Expecting to make sandwiches for lunch later.


Stunning! Lucky recipes! I bought out the rhubarb pile from yesterday’s local market to make sauce and purchased a pie. My pie skills still need work and I was craving immediate pie-dom.


Thank you! I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it turned out to be one of the best pies I’ve ever made. Perfect balance of sweet and tart, and perfect ratio of crust to filling.

Our rhubarb plant is only two years old, so I wasn’t able to harvest a lot this year. I held back just enough to make a tiny batch of jam, and after that, I’m outta the rhubarb business for the year. :crying_cat_face:


ATK’s British-Style Currant Scones.

I made a half batch (six scones) following the recipe mostly. Modifications included a 1 hour chilled rest of the dough before cutting, and another 20 minute chilled rest after cutting. I used cold butter (recipe calls for softened).

We liked these quite a bit, served with salted butter and today’s mini-batch of strawberry rhubarb jam. Will make again.


This recipe is a top favorite of mine.


It’s a winner. I’m wondering: have you ever baked them from frozen, and if so, did that work well?

Of course…