What Are You Baking? May 2023

Thanks for the links - it will be cherry season in my neck of the woods soon. Strawberries too, and I’m a jammer.

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Yesterday I made Yossy Arefi’s Browned Butter Rhubarb Crisp.

Wow, it’s fantastic. The toastiness of the brown butter contrasts beautifully with the tartness of the rhubarb. Brown butter is culinary magic. The crunchy topping contrasts beautifully with the soft rhubarb.

Those of you who prefer your sweets not too sweet will love this recipe. In fact, my husband found the rhubarb too tart and wished I’d added more sugar.

I just realized that due to me being a paid subscriber to NY Times Cooking, I am permitted to unlock and share ten recipes per month. If there’s one that any of you would like to see, please ask.


Thanks again, love rhubarb and browned butter.

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I think I learned from you about refreshing and pausing and it still works for me. If only it worked with ATK! :joy:

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You didn’t learn refreshing and pausing from me. I’ve been a paid NY Times Cooking subscriber since it was an option.

I’ve never been a paid subscriber to America’s Test Kitchen because I’ve read several times that they ignore requests to terminate subscriptions.

I have also made and enjoyed his plum-strawberry jam.


Wondering if the jam recipe posters and baking with jam recipes would mind posting those links over on the 2023 jam making thread. Always a few asking what to do with excess, or looking for ways to use older jams before making new.

When I was a teenager I signed up for ATK because they advertised how it was free. Well, eventually there was a whole thing with billing and it was a bit of a hassle to cancel the subscription.


Plum also pairs very well with raspberries - it’s one of my dad’s favs, also a GF of mine too. I’ve tried it with blackberries, but didn’t think it was an inspired combination.

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First local strawbs of the year :two_hearts::strawberry::two_hearts:



Saw a friend today, so brought her some cookies: Dorie’s world peace cookies with Dulcey white chocolate. Another roll in my freezer for emergencies…