What are you baking? March 2023

If you like ginger, I recommend David Lebovitz’s nonfat gingersnaps (they’re chewy, not crisp, and quite gingery).


Mediterranean Lemon Cake from Standard Baking Co. Pastries.

A cake calling for a lot of egg, almost equal amounts olive oil and melted butter, and just a dash of milk.

The sugar and eggs are beaten together first. The recipe calls for dry ingredients next and fats last, but I did it in the opposite order (as discussed on other threads). The only other change I made was to add 1 t. of limoncello to the cake and a half teaspoon of same to the glaze. I made a half recipe in a 6 ½ c. springform pan.

Another terrific cake made even better by its simplicity - lightly lemony with a smooth crumb and not overly sweet.


This looks amazing!

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KAF’s sandwich rye in a pain de mie pan.

I’ve made this before, both the version with the rye enhancer and the one with potato flour. Always comes out great, but I have to admit the rye enhancer adds a extra spike of aroma and flavor. I like the use of pickle brine and mustard in the recipe, and always double down on the caraway seeds (but omit the dill seeds).

If anyone is thinking of making it, I would suggest reading the reviews. I use homemade dill pickle brine here with good results, but your mileage may vary with a commercial brine. If excessive salt is a concern, you can always start by subbing some of the brine with water.

I’ll post a crumb shot once we cut into it in the morning. Meanwhile, the house smells terrific!


I was watching youtube this afternoon and stumbled across a simple 3 ingredient (no cholesterol) sweet snack for Sunshine.
Just Quick Oats, Peanut Butter and Honey (pinch of salt - optional)… Easy Peasy!! So I made up a batch and Sunshine loves them. They won’t fulfill a “chocolate emergency” but for a quick and simple treat they’ll do the job.


Savory and sweet cakes from BCOTM Gateau.

One with roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil (details here).

And one with chocolate, almond paste, and candied orange peel (details here).


Looks like it would be easy to add chocolate to the recipe?


Do you think I could add unsweetened cocoa powder and just a bit more honey?? Or would that muddle the flavors??

I would need to add a chocolate component without adding any cholesterol (like butter).

Here’s the crumb shot on the rye.


I baked a mushroom quiche for lunches this week. I used store bought shortcrust pastry which made this very easy and quick to make. It uses Gruyère cheese, red onion, shiitake and king oyster mushrooms and basil. It was delicious and such a joy to make which sounds strange but it just made my soul happy :slight_smile:


What a wonderful sentiment! :heart:

Great-looking quiche; beautifully browned crust!

Did you par-bake the crust?

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I am not sure what would happen if you just added cocoa powder and a little more honey. Try a half batch and see?

Another idea: add chocolate chips or chunks to the basic recipe?

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Gorgeous crumb! That is going to make some mighty fine sandwiches. :drooling_face:

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Reminds me of no-bake chocolate oat cookies I made one year for a cookie exchange — I think I used just melted chocolate, butter, and oats, but other recipes used cocoa, butter, and milk, or cocoa and peanut butter.

Agree with @rasam that you could easily transform this to chocolate!


Thank you! Everytime I make this one I think I should make it more often.

Wish you could overnight me a loaf! :wink: (I have recipes like that too that each time I make them I think, why don’t I make this more often? We humans are odd beings.)


Do you think chocolate chips/chunks will add much saturated fat (cholesterol)??

1/2 batch… good idea!!

Thank you!

I didn’t actually so I’m surprised it ended up as crisp as it did as I’ve had issues with soggy bottoms in the past. I just baked the whole thing at 180 degrees Celsius for about an hour with no fan assist and it turned out great.

Hi @Desert-Dan: I don’t have expertise in nutrition or health science to answer that.
Maybe you can look at the information on the bag of chocolate chips and see if you can make it work for Sunshine?

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Yes… we are going to do some “label reading” tomorrow, as we are doing our “BIG” grocery shopping then.