What are you baking? June 2024

What’s in your oven?

Right this very minute, a rosemary-roasted garlic sourdough. I’ve been making sourdough for a few years, but this is the first time I’ve tried “inclusions” as they call them. It smells amazing in the oven—can’t wait to eat it!


It must have been something in the air, as I made herb bread yesterday, also. I was going to mention (same as you) how heady the aroma was as the bread proofed!

Chive and sage focaccia (ATK recipe on an independent blog here).


Bread day, me three! Mini baguettes with some fresh Rosemary, evoo , semolina and sesame seeds.


Strawberries and cream bars… just because. https://www.splendidtable.org/story/2022/05/21/strawberryncream-bar-cookies I browed the butter but not sure you can tell. Tasty in any case…


lemon posset strawbs

@MunchkinRedux pointed me to this lemon posset with strawberries recipe over in the Easy Summer Recipes thread so I made it today with some of my u-pick haul from Friday.

It didn’t set as well as a previous posset I made (I don’t have luck generally with melissa clark’s recipes so I guess I’m not surprised)… but it was delicious nonetheless :wink:


Curious! I’ve never had one not come out stiff. :thinking:

yeah, weird. it wasn’t liquid, just … not stiff.

anyway the berries are so good it didn’t matter, plus the lemony flavor was an excellent contrast. i typically have my first berries of the season the same way: lightly macerated and over vanilla ice cream. i did so this year too, but despite having the rest of the tub of vanilla in the freezer, i found myself looking for something with tang. this fit the bill!


So glad you enjoyed - we like this one with summer blueberries (in a coulis) also. :yum:


I am desperate to pick more berries from the same farm as these were exemplary, but Mom’s main fridge is dying and that limits my storage area considerably. Terrible timing.

Not exactly baking, but I made the Berry Fritters from Sally’s Baking Addiction today, with sour cherries in the fritters and sour cherry juice in the glaze.

They turned out well, but I think they’d be better with the cherries cooked into a pie filling (with sugar and thickener) and then worked into the dough. As it was, they mostly got frizzled on the outside of the fritter and didn’t add much flavor. The doughnut dough itself was excellent, though - great texture for fritters.

I also made a gorgeous quiche (sausage, onion, apple, fontina and gruyere), but forgot to take a pic. Bummer, because the crust crimping was on point!


Oh, jeez. I remember a year or two ago when our standing freezer when on the fritz - I had a panic attack while reshuffling everything to salvage what I could. The day ended with me in a hot bathtub with a large glass of cognac trying to calm my nerves. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. :confounded:


you know my lost, then found scones were among the frozen items potentially compromised by this appliance fail?!?!


Oooh, I’m so sorry! It was out of your control (but I’m sure that doesn’t make it any better).

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They are apparently cursed.


as a lover of sour cherries, this def caught my eye. apple fritters are very big around here, but i’ve never seen one made with any other fruit.

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I’m from Michigan, where the sour cherry reigns supreme, yet had never seen or heard of a cherry fritter until my husband from Missouri mentioned how much he loves them and how common they are there. All you see in Michigan are apple fritters. Weird.

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I love Lemon Posset. I’ve always used caster sugar (superfine) and rarely have a problem, unless I don’t cook the cream and sugar long enough before adding the lemon juice.

Oooh, looks and sounds great. I’ve done herb bread using herb de Provence (less the fennel - I like some fennel in sausage but not in breads) and with rosemary-garlic, but it would never have occurred to me to try chives and sage. Now I want to try it that way. I’m assuming you just minced up fresh sage and chives and threw enough in until it looked about right?

Many thanks also for providing an open recipe link!

Y’all need a pH meter. I’ve had lemons (and sometimes limes) ranging from pretty bland, to so tart they felt like they were taking the back of my scalp off. The more bland ones don’t have enough acid to set custards, don’t make firm enough sour cream, etc.

This may sound like sacrilege, but maybe re-try the recipe using lemon juice from a bottled brand like Mrs. Biddle’s or Nellie & Joe, where the acidity is generally going to be the same from lot to lot.

No one has to know. It’ll be your little secret.