What are you baking? June 2022

I put a generous teaspoon of Eau de Vie Framboise to the crème and it added a lovely background flavor…there but not in your face😊



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I made Claire Saffitz’s Blueberry/Buckwheat/Brown Butter Skillet Pancake for breakfast this morning. My husband declared it perfect.

I’ve made several recipes from Dessert Person and been delighted with all of them. This is the recipe I’ve repeated the most. It has so many aspects that suit my taste: fresh fruit that’s not cooked prior to being baked, buckwheat, brown butter, maple syrup suggested as a condiment, batter made the night before so breakfast can be made quickly.


Cherry slab pie. There was one container of frozen sour cherries in the freezer that needed to be used as the season is coming soon for them. Had to mix in a few dark cherries but the sour flavor was still strong.


A favorite of mine!

LOVE sour cherry slab pie! I just scored my first quarts of sour cherries of the year this morning, so that’s exactly what I’ m going to make with them!

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Baked these coffee date squares and I really like them!

Normally I’m not a fan of date bars because much like jam bars, the filling is already quite sweet without adding on the crust that is typically not exactly shy with the sugar either. Here the dates are cooked in brewed coffee, which does an excellent job of controlling their sweetness, and the crust isn’t overly sugary either, plus the spices are perfectly complimentary. They’re still plenty sweet because it’s a lot of dates, but nowhere near as much as standard date bars. I do wonder about possibly adding a shot of something like pomegranate molasses for a little tartness, though.

I didn’t want to open up a bag of WW flour, but I imagine it or spelt or even rye would be excellent here in place of the AP flour I used.


Those look delicious. I am a fan of coffee flavored baked goods (despite the fact that I drink my coffee black with no sugar).

I find medjool dates too sweet; I prefer barhi.


I used Deglet Noor because I had a lot and that’s the only kind you can buy here, though I do have some Medjool from the US. I’ve never had the kind you mentioned, but they sound good if they’re less sweet.
I really love these bars. I think they might be even better today cold out of the fridge (with the heat and humidity I am refrigerating any baked goods with fruit). The crust doesn’t get too hard but it stays nice and crisp and the filling feels sort of fudgier. They’re really good at room temperature, too, though.

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Thanks for posting this. I tried it today with some beautiful local strawberries. It is delicious, but far too sweet for me, but I always remember that SK recipes are, after I make them. I will add more buttermilk and share with my niece.

oh those look great.

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Smitten Kitchen’s version of the brita cake. I’ve been making another version of this cake for a couple years now, but thought I’d try this one.

brita cake whole june 2022

I made a full recipe but we were only four to eat it, so I took the liberty of trimming all around the unstacked cake to prettify the edges.

Anyway, about the recipe: unfortunately, even though I tested it a couple times in a couple places and was sure it was done baking, it was slightly underbaked. The meringue was browning rapidly and I just couldn’t bring myself to let it continue to darken. Also, it’s humid today, so the meringue lost a little of its mojo in the couple hours between pulling it out of the oven and serving it.

On the plus side, the local berries I scored yesterday at farmer’s market were insanely good, the tiny sprigs of mint from my SIL’s garden were a delicious addition, and everybody loved the dessert in spite of its shortcomings :slight_smile:


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Lol. I made the buttermilk raspberry cake today, also. We picked our first garden strawberries this afternoon (June bearing), and I used those. Without having seen pavlova’s post, I cut the sugar in the cake back to 130 grams, although used the full amount for sprinkling on top. I initially planned to bake it in an 8” pan, as suggested by Nannybakes, but since I opted to lay out the berries in a pretty pattern, I didn’t like the idea of inverting the cake to cool it. I went with a 9” springform pan instead. Ultimately it didn’t matter, as all my strawberries sank.

I thought this was a great snacking cake: easy, tasty, and great way to stretch a handful of fresh berries when that’s all you have. I was happy to read it also works well with frozen berries. I’ll make it again.


Looks great!

Mom’s asking me to make it with strawbs! I usually prefer my strawberries uncooked but this cake is so good, I’ll make the “sacrifice” :slight_smile:


A couple of thoughts….the cake was developed using raspberries, I find they do not sink as much as strawberries. Strawberries higher water content probably make them more likely to sink, but your cake looks great and I’m sure it’s delicious. Perhaps if you try smaller pieces of strawberries, it might help with better distribution.
Regarding cake size, 8 or 9, I use loose bottom cake pans almost exclusively, unless it’s a very liquid batter. I always use parchment on the bottom and for some cakes, I’ll make a parchment collar.
I have to admit that I’m partial to raspberries for this cake!


MiG, my DIL made “The” plum cake with strawberries last week. The cake turned out fine but I don’t love strawberries cooked in a cake either. Now, pie /tart is another story. I think the high ratio of sugar to fruit preserves their shape and texture and makes them more pleasing to me. I had resisted making a strawberry pie until the last couple of years and I was more than pleasantly surprised with the results.

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Thanks, Nannybakes. When our raspberries come in, I’ll try them for sure. I’ll also give it a whirl with blueberries. This strawberry cake won’t last two days at our house, so all’s well!


I love this strawberry cake:


Looks delicious!


“THE” plum cake!!! I can’t wait til plums are in.

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