What are you baking? January 2024


Is there a recipe or source you can share?



Need Recipe!

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I increased the salt to three grams and sugar to 30 g. Because I had open chocolate bars I mixed milk and 81% chocolates, but my initial plan was 57% at the most. I think milk chocolate would be best since these aren’t very sweet.


Thank you! Just beautiful! I must try these!!!


Genevieve Ko’s new NYT recipe for energy bars (gift link). I used pecans, apricots, blueberries, and whole wheat flour. As a sample, I made a half batch in two 3x5” metal pans, baking at a reduced temp of 300 degrees (to avoid scorching) for the full 30 minutes. I forgot to salt after removing from the oven, but that’s probably a good thing. It isn’t really warranted, and while I would appreciate it, DH would not.

The bars are good for my purposes – not very sweet, fairly nutritious, and should pack well for hiking and road trips. I agree with many of the commentors that a mix of seeds in here would be nice, and I will try adding some sesame and sunflower seeds next time.

ETA: thanks to whomever confirmed the use of binder clips in the oven for holding parchment - a game changer!


Aren’t the binder clips a revelation? I think I was the one who shared that recently, after following Edd Kimber’s lead when we did One Tin Bakes as BCOTM.*

Thanks for highlighting this recipe, and for the suggestion of a lower baking temp. I liked one commenter’s suggestion to swap half the maple syrup for nut butter, too.

*Hey, fellow bakers! We’re taking nominations for the first baking cookbook of the month through Tuesday. Come on over and nominate.


Mmm. Peanut butter would be my choice, because I am old and stuck in my ways. Sounds yum. :yum:

Me, too, because it’s what I always have on hand. (My PB of choice is the – albeit pricey – Santa Cruz Organic Dark Roast, for its deep peanut flavor and perfect light salt level.) Though I love it as itself on toast (or a spoon) and in savory applications, I’m generally not a fan of PB in baked goods, but a small amount seems like it would blend well here.


They are the best: I have about a half dozen in my kitchen tools drawer…

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You clearly had a much better quality drunken roommate than many of us!


Apple Almond Cream Tart. The crust for this tart is pressed in. A filling of cream cheese,egg and vanilla is spread on baked crust. Thin slices of apple are layed on top and slivered almonds are sprinkled on top. After baking l lightly spread an apricot glaze. Revisiting a cookbook from 2009 called French Taste by Laura Calder which to my surprise has weights. Who remembers Laura.


This is interesting! Do you like it ?

Sunshine finished off the sweet potato quick bread last night, so I needed a dessert for tonight. I made up an apple, brown sugar & cinnamon cobbler.


Yes it was delicious. Not too sweet.


I remember her; liked her.

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First sourdough bake for 2024. This batch is a preserved Meyer lemon sourdough.


A regular sourdough loaf with bits of preserved lemon mixed in? I’m intrigued

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I purée the preserved lemons into a paste and mix it into the sourdough.


Mom needed something for social hour at her church, so I rummaged around int the freezer and found a bag of cranberries I bought at Xmas and forgot about. Made this lovely cranberry cake. (Looks homely, tastes terrific.) I swapped out the almond extract and added 1/4 tsp of orange oil because I’ve been really feeling cran-orange this season.

Man this is good. Cranberries are underrated.

I have to bake something today as well for an event tomorrow …. Thinking.


I absolutely love fresh cranberries in baked goods, too. It’s honestly why I find dried cranberries disappointing in comparison.