What are you baking? January 2024

Welp, here we are. Incredibly, a new year is upon us.

What’s in your oven?


Happy new year all! Went to a small gathering at a friend’s place last night, and brought a homemade version of Starbucks’ cranberry bliss bar…


I have some enriched dough rising. I was going to make Ontario-style Chelsea buns, which are more like a sticky bun than the UK-style Chelsea bun, but then I started thinking, maybe I’ll a poppyseed roll / potica/ povitica, then I started thinking maybe sour cherry poppyseed rolls / schnecken. I’ll update later. :joy:



Hello 2024. Savory baking for me for a while. Today I made two different batches of crackers.

Soup crackers (oyster crackers) because we’re going to eat a lot of soup this month.

Also, the New York Times Cheese Crackers (gift link) because apparently, I didn’t get enough cheese during the holidays. I used Cougar Gold and Parm Reggiano. I’ll freeze most of the cheese coins, and pull a few out at a time for nibbles in the coming months.

FYI Ivy Manning’s Crackers and Dips is currently $2.99 on Amazon for Kindle in the US.


Spiced applesauce cake from Smitten Kitchen.


Cardamom Bundt with coffee glaze. Cross-posted in the BCOTM (Q)? thread. Absolutely scrumptious if you love cardamom. I love a cake that is sturdy enough to eat out of hand. Glaze is delicious, but I’d be just as happy with plain cake.


Toronto Jo’s Southern Biscuits … on steroids. I’m always complaining my biscuits are too small, so I fixed that this morning. This is a full recipe for 6 biscuits (including two from scrap).


(my roommate used to whip up drop biscuits fron the JOC as drunk food when it was too late to purchase anything else, and I’ve loved biscuits ever since :joy:)


Do you have a proven recipe? I used to work in a hospital when they had working kitchens, and they used to make Chelsea buns every Friday; I used to really look forward to Fridays as the buns were wonderful. I’d like to give them a shot when I get back to baking.

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I don’t follow recipes carefully so I’m the wrong person to ask. I will add some links.

These look right, but, I like a more enriched dough.

Reputable Albertan food writer/ cookbook author:

The gooey goop from Joanne Chang’s Flour Bakery (in Boston) sticky bun recipe is excellent.


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Biscuits are one of the foods I place on a pedestal. The origins are so humble and given the right treatment, the outcome can be so much greater than the sum of its parts.

I’ve had that Toronto Jo recipe in my stack for years, but never tried it until a few weeks ago. It turns out it’s the perfect recipe for scaling up to sandwich size. Here’s this morning’s bake shown on a half-sheet pan, cut using a 3 1/4" cutter.


Some after the festivities cookies to send to a friend in her late Christmas parcel. These are called Tahini Regini, from the Susan Spungen newsletter. They have anise and orange zest. They were the only cookie I really wanted to make this year and they are…okay. Easy to put together in the food processor and maybe the leftovers will grow on me. I have a cookie book from when I was a teen that has sesame anise cookies made with lard. I loved those cookies so will have to dig out the book and see if it’s just rose coloured glasses. Author was Sharon

Tyler Herbst if memory serves.


I was curious about those.

I guess I’ll join @MunchkinRedux in the savory department. Some rolls to use up leftovers— ham, cheese and chopped stuffed mushrooms. Stuffed mushrooms are delicious, but do they ever loose their luster the moment they’re not piping hot. I didn’t feel like reheating them and thought they’d be good with ham and cheese. The roll dough is the one from Chain Baker’s pizza rolls. Very simple dough that bakes up soft and fluffy without being too rich. I was too lazy to brush these before baking for better browning. No matter, these turned out awesome!


They look amazing! I want!


Also baked Eric Kayser’s country bread again so I can use it for tartines/crostini.


I’ve never been interested in pouding chomeur because every recipe has seemed to be disgustingly sweet for me, but recently ATK put up their version and with only 3 tbsp of sugar in the actual cake (muffin really), and I found myself captivated. And it’s delicious. I made sure to make some kefir cream in anticipation and highly recommend not skipping whatever version of cultured cream you can pair with it.


Began with the toll house cookie recipe, halved the white sugar, added very finely ground walnuts (like 2 cups or so), and baked as bar form. The end result was very satisfying, not sweet, and very soft/moist. Like a fudgy textured blondie. I’d imagine the ground walnuts added more fat to the dough which maybe made it more soft? Maybe not, but happy with the results.