What are you baking? Jan 2023

Have you ever made the Supernatural Brownies? They are my favorite so far.


Thanks for the brownie reference. That’s one of the few cookbooks I actually have.

I’ve never heard of them before.

They are VERY good. I think the same recipe is also in Keller’s Bouchon Bakery baking book.

I reluctantly bought the Ad Hoc cookbook a few months after it was COTM . (I’m always like a few months behind the trend) It always surprises me when I flip through it because I’ve made more of the recipes than I remember. There’s a lot of really good stuff in there and many more recipes that I want to try. In the dessert chapter I’ve done the mint chip ice cream and the pineapple upside down cake as well. The brownies are absolutely outstanding, though, and easy enough to make.


We really need a “cooking from cookbooks I already own” thread. I know in my case it would nudge me to do just that…


When I nominate COTM or baking quarter books they are always ones that I already have. Not only because I already have an interest in them but because I want to get further into them. I do catch up on the good ones that others have reported on like Ad Hoc at Home, Verdura, Deep Run Roots, Mexican Everyday, Small Victories, Fish Without a Doubt, and Union Square Cafe.

I’d love a thread about cooking from cookbooks that we already have but that might a bit broad.

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I made Alton brown’s sour cream cheesecake.

Note his quantities here are a bit different from his original Food Network recipe. I preferred these quantities since they make for a less sweet cheesecake.
I found the method silly so I changed it. And not just for again expecting me to trust that after an exact time and then more time in a turned-off oven I’d have a set cheesecake. Why call for both a water bath and really low temperature? Unnecessary, so I used a water bath in this case, but baked at 350. No cracks, no problems. Took out at around 155° degrees.
Another thing to note is the directions here are poor. I’m order to get a crust on the sides of a parchment-lined pan you need to grease the parchment. The crumbs won’t stick otherwise. No mention of this. In the original FN recipe because getting a crust on the sides lined with parchment is not doable without greasing, he only applies crust on the bottom and applies the sides post bake.
I cut into this before I should have, as you can tell by the dip in the middle. I knew it, but I was really wanting to try this one!
I wanted to see what the fuss was all about in terms of lots of crust, but I think I’m team less is more here. I enjoy crustless cheesecakes a lot and think a bottom crust is just right. This isn’t bad, but it’s not my preference. At least not a crumb crust, anyway. I do like taller crusts made with shortbread dough. The cheesecake itself is great, though. It’s a really nice middle ground between the Joe Pastry one made with mostly sour cream and really dense NY style cheesecakes made with a lot of cream cheese and only a little cream or sour cream.


Omg, that looks so good, creamy.

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Thank you!
Next up I really want to make a LeTao style double fromage cheesecake. That and Bruno Albouze’s version of Basque cheesecake since it’s pretty different from the typical method.

Great photos!

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Thank you, @CCE!

There’s a spring festival in this town every year to showcase local resources and talents. It got cancelled in 2021 due to Covid, but I got to see it last year and would have liked to participate. Yesterday I dropped some cheesecake off at my neighbor’s and she had a friend over who tried it. She loved it and she said she’s one of the organizers for the festival and told me to stop by the town hall so I can participate this year.
Of course, now I need to finally come up with a name for this particular enterprise…


@Shellybean - you have lucky neighbors friends and neighbors’ friends! If you ever want to take your cheesecake experiments on a West coast tour sign me and i’m sure a bunch of readers here up!


Thanks Adawks for the lemon brownie link. Easy to get in the oven and really good. I made them in a 9” square with the lemon glaze. The texture is very brownie-like. Will def make again.


Thank you @chienrouge!

So another great piece of news is that I finally have a source for locally produced bread flour. I bought 10 lbs today for the equivalent of a little under $6. I can bake bread to my heart’s content now! To test this flour, I made some honey butter rings. These require good gluten development to be as light as they are. They are semi-laminated and so delicious!


Baked some Vietnamese style baguettes, too. I look forward to working on my scoring so all my cuts open up now that I can have a steadily flow of affordable flour.

The honey butter rings were so popular I’m plotting another batch for tomorrow.


So glad you like them! They look great!

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Perfect! I’ve tried a few times with reasonable success. Yours are beautiful.

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I would love a gander at your baguette recipe. I’ve tried a few times with a similar looking pan and thus far they’ve been quite tasty but VERY chewy. I need to lighten them up somehow.

So a few days ago, I went ahead and made the King Arthur Recipe of the Year.

I have followed KA for quite a while. I like their flour, but love CM. I really like their baker/blogger PJ Hamel so I read their blog and try to see beyond the basic sales pitch.
[Previous RotY have been okay] (https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/collections/recipe-of-the-year-collection). But I haven’t loved one since the Classic Birthday Cake.

This year’s… basically, I was confused by it, a coffee cake as RotY? And one that was “adaptable” into a sprinkled birthday coffee cake version. So I found that I wanted to get it out of my system.
And I had fun with it. Even with the reverse creaming, it came together easily enough. I used greek yogurt as buttermilk wasn’t in the house this week due to continued refrigeration issues.
The crumb was light, and enjoyable. The filling was a bit too babka-like for me, but the rest of the family liked it as it. I think that there was too much crumb. About half was perfect. And the finished result was a bit better the second day.

If I was going to make this again, I would make the Crumb Lovers version or just a more basic filling with less topping.
I may make this one as a comparison…