What are you baking for Thanksgiving?

What a bummer! At least it looks gorgeous :slight_smile: I have never had that happen to me either. Hope this isn’t going to happen to me tomorrow!!


Hello folks. Those are some nice looking recipes! Does anyone have any good recommendations on baking store bought breads/biscuits/rolls? I’m not a good baker so something easy and “off the shelf” is what I’m looking for.

I bet it would be really good in blondies!

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Kroger is the grocery chain we shop. They carry take and bake breads and rolls by La Brea Bakery, and their own Kroger brand. I’d pronounce them tasty, but not swoon inducing. I often buy a Kroger Multi-Grain Batard, take and bake; split it length wise, and drizzle olive oil over both halves. I add garlic powder and mince,d garlic, bake it according to package directions and voila, homemade garlic bread. Relatively inexpensive.

The grocer you frequent probably offers a similar product line. Good luck in your quest.

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You are in Monmouth Co, right? What about Antoinette’s in Red Bank? I suggest you call to reserve but their bread and desserts are amazing (and $$$) Otherwise, I find Whole Foods bread to be pretty good usually.

There are many “half baked” breads and rolls available that you can finish in the oven, but you can also refresh any store-bought baguettes or rolls by wetting them slightly on the outside and baking - the steam crisps up the crust and freshens the whole thing up.


I just pulled my pies out. I am THRILLED. By far, the nicest looking pie I have made in years. I had extra crust and pumpkin pie filling so I made this weird loaf pie thing. Perfect for one. I forgot how good this pie is hot. How are all your bakes coming?


Props to you for the home made pie crusts!

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My pies fresh from the oven…


Blueberry cheesecake. Recipe from Saveur .


Ha! Thanks. I had the time this year!

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Did you make it? How did you like it? I just got a jar of good tahini, very excited to use it!

Brush the tops with some melted butter before baking to get a pretty golden color and, well, butter. Win/win. A sprinkle of sesame seeds or poppy seeds ontop of the brushed on butter is nice too.
I think the most important thing is to serve when still hot. If baking ahead of serving wrap in foil and rewarm in the oven just before serving and insist people take and eat when hot- they go downhill fast once cooled to room temp


Not yet, just returned to NJ with house guests. We are a baking in the morning. Yahtzee, coffee and baking!

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Yesterday I had a deja vu moment while removing cream cheese from its foil wrappers. Little flecks of the cheese stayed behind on the foil, so I got a knife and peeled the small amounts of cheese off, popping them into my mouth. Immediately thought of Cream Cheese and Grape Jelly sandwiches my Mom made for us to take to school for a “surprize” lunch. Way better than peanut butter and jelly, balogna, or salami sandwiches.

Thought a moment: Hmmm, we’ve got grape jelly in the 'fridge, and bread…Should I swipe some of this cream cheese from the pie recipe? Resisted the temptation; but it was a neat memory to recall from days long past.


Cream cheese and jelly on a toasted Thomas English muffin was a staple growing up. Strawberry jelly store brand with bits of fruit and Philly cream cheese. Nice food memory. Perfect toaster meal.




Sour Cream Coffee Cake


Lemon Cake
I am not sure you can rotate the photo here…so I guess it is a lemon “upside down” cake! (lol)


As a kid I disliked peanut butter. Cream cheese and jelly was my usual brown bag lunch for school. Jelly at our house tended to be strawberry or damson plum.

I still make this as an open faced sandwich on toast when I want a sweet snack.

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