What Are You Baking? December 2023

Cocoa powder isn’t raw and a lot of recipes want Dutch-processed. The stuff labeled cacao powder is raw and I’d suspect might have less fat than cocoa powder, though it would vary by brand. Have you made hot cocoa with this stuff? That should give you an idea of how it will taste.
For granola you should have no problem whatsoever, so the only issue is the taste, which will definitely be more acidic and probably harsher than cocoa powder.
If you haven’t tried it, use it in a cup of hot cocoa and see how you like it.

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I baked it for an hour at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and it came out perfect.

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So I made another batch of Tollhouse a couple days ago . I decided to weigh the flour with my digital scale . 2 1/4 cup = 270 grams .
This looks like less than the measuring cup . Hmmm . Its got to be right its digital.
Whats wrong when I pulled the first batch out of the oven . They look flat and greasy.
I checked the scale with a cup of water to calibrate .It was all over the place .Not even close .
Live and learn .Merry Christmas.


I should post this on the baking failure thread but it tasted too good for me to consider it a failure. Good enough to still give the better looking one to neighbor who I was baking it for. She is a good enough friend to not mind imperfection. I tried my hand at a panettone. I used a recipe using a sourdough starter and instant yeast. I think it would have worked out better if I had used osmotolerant yeast. I have used it in the past for sweet bread and it does work better but I can’t bring myself to pay $9.99/lb + shipping. I make a sweet dough once a year at most. I wish they sold them in small packets. The recipe stated the second rise would be 4-5hrs at 80 degrees and up to 12 hours at room temp. I used light of oven to keep temp up. I expected to put it in the oven after dinner but by 3:30 am it had still not risen as much as it should so I cooked it anyway. It was no surprise that it did not rise as intended.

Tasty though!


I made little chocolate and clementine macarons. These are my most successful so far but most of them are still not very pretty sadly, though I do know some tweaks that should help with that.

It’s just a simple chocolate macaron filled with homemade clementine curd (I have loads leftover) and I dusted them lightly with cocoa powder. I took a picture of the prettiest one.


:raising_hand_woman: I’m the Chex mix instigator, I think. See this post and the embedded link. (I’m making a batch this weekend.)


I made these blueberry/blackberry hand pies 3 months ago, froze some unbaked. Baked last night for today and they’re just as good!


Our Christmas dessert was Salted Maple Pie. It is one of the most popular pies at Sister’s Pie in Detroit but was posted on Food52. For years i have beenbaking a maple pie for Christmas from ATK were the filling is custary and the pie is hard to cut. This recipe contains fine cornmeal which set the filling beautifully and it was still creamy.


Lulu made cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast. I am not normally a fan, but these were fantastic.


As noted over in Ugly Bakes discussion, I got a replacement bread machine yesterday, after my old one failed to start Sunday when I was making dough for cinnamon rolls. My first loaf in the new one was Oatmeal Buttermilk bread. Other than my uneven slices, the bread came out just as pictured - great texture and tender golden crust.

Somehow, the bread tastes even better knowing that I got a new machine at half price without intensive research or waiting for shipping. The seller had done all of that about a year ago, but failed to measure his cabinet and countertop space and found he had nowhere this large/tall machine could fit; he’d finally decided he was never going to use it. It’s slightly longer than my old one but it was easy for me to move a couple of containers at the back so it can be stored in the same cabinet spot.


Milk Bread buns from Mooncakes and Milk Bread. These were to accompany Christmas dinner so I should have made them smaller. They were great but probably could have had an extra 5 minutes to rise, but we needed to get them in and out of the oven to make room for the bird.


Experimenting with my new bread machine and found that the Quick Bread setting works just fine for my Beer Bread, recipe posted last month here , minus the melted butter topping.

This loaf looks a lot more polished than the rugged/ rustic crusted oven version.


Looks great! I’m enjoying reading about your bread machine adventures and taking notes. I would encourage you to also post to the Bread Machine thread.


I had saved the juice from the canned sweet potatoes from our Christmas dinner. Its too good to throw away, so I made two brown sugar - sweet potato quick breads. I’ll make up a vanilla butter cream icing for one of them tomorrow (after it cools) and freeze the second one for a later date. Trying to stay one step ahead of Sunshine’s sweet tooth (LOL)!!


Change of plans… Sunshine cut into this (plain) quick bread before I had a chance to frost it and decided it was more of a cake to have with her morning coffee. I had already moved the second one to the freezer, so I’ll need to make something up for dessert tonight.

I could go to the store and pick up some ice cream??
Decisions… Decisions…

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Look for the HDasz peppermint stick (seasonal flavor.) SO GOOD and only available this time of year.


Adding this

Chex Mix Hacks?

I made Bravetart’s Effortless Angel Food Cake yesterday for a trifle. I was afraid that I whipped the egg whites too much but it came out great.

I was supposed to make her vanilla pudding today but that hasn’t happened yet.


ATK’s milk chocolate cheesecake— half recipe as usual.
As I don’t really like dark chocolate mixed with cheesecake, I was curious to try this, and it’s really good. I admit I increased the sugar in the filling a bit, though I suppose that depends on your milk chocolate.
I have leftover chocolate sauce so I used that on top instead of drizzling melted milk chocolate.


That looks SO good.