What are you baking? APRIL 2023

Sandwich rolls for lunch today. These were meant to have an overnight rise but I wanted to try them for lunch today. Two cups of bread flour, one cup of white rye flour, salt, water, yeast and nigella seeds. The FP came in handy for a fast mix, a couple of 10 minute stretch and folds and a thin layer of sourdough starter was spread over and incorporated. Very pleased with the outcome as I was expecting a dense roll with the high amount of rye to white but it was just the right structure. Corned beef ( I had bought two :yum:) , sauerkraut and melted cheese along with a swipe of horseradish made for mighty fine sandwiches.


Beautiful crumb and the sandwiches sound very enticing!

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I am lost in both deep admiration and DEEP envy at the croissants. I have never tried them from scratch. I keep meaning to, but… SO intimidating!

Thank you, Shellybean, given the changes I made, ‘twas very lucky they turned out well.

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Cheeseburger bombs. :yum:


Oh, my gosh. The perfect picnic food. Would you share the recipe, please?

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I felt the same way for a very long time about, well, most things, actually. The older I get, the more I’m starting to say “What the hell” and jump in anyway. You should give them a shot. I bet you’d do well. Funny how we’re the key holder for our own cell.


Thank you. The breads, especially the white one, are actually not a lot of work. The croissants, however, are teaching me about patience and perseverance.

It’s from Charlie:

I prefer forming the beef into thin patties to get more browning.
I normally don’t like Worcestershire in things like burgers, but it was fine here. I am tempted to chop up the pickles next time and put them in the sauce so it’s similar to Shack sauce rather than having them be a topping.
These are massive and I’m going back and forth on whether I want daintier buns. I like that they feed one person well, but I also like the idea of a tinier bun like this.

Also as delicious as they were, I think I like the idea of a somewhat sweeter bun like in this recipe.


Pantry clear out continues. A box of brownie mix “best by 2020”, baked just fine in two 8x8 pans and will satisfy chocolate cravings for quite a while. I stirred a teaspoon of cinnamon into the batter. I topped batter in one pan with teaspoon dabs of chunky peanut butter before baking, and frosted with melted chocolate chips. The second pan was decorated with white and chocolate chips when just out of the oven.


I was inspired to make some hot cross buns even though I had never made them before. I looked around at a bunch of recipes and decided to use the one on the King Arthur site. I kept a few for us and gave most of them to our neighbor. That might have been a mistake – they were so delicious!


ATK’s perfect NY cheesecake again. I used just 50 grams of brown sugar in the crust. The brown sugar here is more like Demerara and I’m thinking of just using white sugar next time. I really love this crust and will probably use it as my basic crust.

Their method is honestly perfect. By blasting the heat when the cheesecake is already cooked, there’s no chance of it puffing up to the point where it can crack as can happen sometimes when baking at a high heat at the beginning.
For the filling I use 10 oz of sugar rather than 10.5 and I cut out the 2 extra yolks. I used yogurt in place of sour cream since I have it, and I increased it to 1/2 cup.
In the future I would consider replacing some of the cream cheese with local queso crema, which I’ve used as a substitution for goat cheese in Stella Parks’ cheesecake. This helps cut down cost. But ultimately the way to cut down cost is to use a more sour cream-heavy recipe like my favorite from Joe Pastry or Alton Brown’s.


Look delicious! They remind me of a modern style bierocks/ runzas which are also delicious.


Oh, I’ve got those planned at some point, too! I even saw a version with homemade smoked beef for the meat.

My DH loves them along with Lebanese style lamb pies. On the occasions that I make a lot of them, I use a tortilla press with the dough between parchment paper and stack the dough in the fridge. Then fill assembly line style .

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So tempting!

Thanks! I can see these being very popular.

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Do you mean sfeeha / fatayer (like these)? I’d love to learn about how you make yours and see them sometime! I’ve only made them once (and it was during the pandemic when projects were enticing), but they are so delicious I’d love to try again!

The triangular shaped pies are lamb , I also have made them with spinach/lemon.
Not traditional but I’ve used bulk sausage meat or sausage removed from casings…onion, garlic, minced veggies.
The first one is filled with barbecue chicken, I’ve also made them with a curried chicken filling.

The dough is usually an enriched dough, egg, a little sugar, evoo.
LMK if you want specifics.


Gorgeous! I’d love to know more about the dough, thank you!