What are the regional specialties in your area?

Since enjoying the Condé Nast thread on 50 states, 50 cuisines thread, (thanks @kobuta) thought this might be a way to delve a little deeper into the specialties in your neck of the woods.

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Adopted state: Washington

Like many states, Washington has two distinct parts. Western (coastal climate) and Eastern Washington - (hotter and drier)

Seattle: Beecher’s Cheese
@Babettes - her amazing chocolates
many other wonderful delights - oyster and mussel beds too
great berries

Tacoma Area: Almond Roca- they’ve been going strong for a long time

Eastern Washington: Great wines, produce, wheat, lentils and hops

Spokane Area: the historic Davenport Hotel - wonderful soft peanut brittle.
They have a small box of it in your room, and a gift shop to sell it. Sooo good!