What are 3 items you must try before you are priced out of the Bay Area?

I wonder if there’s any consensus on what these might be. My personal votes would go to:

  1. Apple Cider from Rainbow Orchards (Various farmer’s markets, $3-$7)
    I haven’t willingly drunk apple juice since trying this.

  2. Plain Pizza from Emilia’s (Berkeley, $20)
    I can’t say I’ve stopped eating all pizza but Emilia’s since trying it, but I’ve certainly regretted most pizza since Emilia’s.

  3. Almond Brittle from Paso (CJ Olsen’s Market in Sunnyvale, $5)
    Life-changing brittle!

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Cool topic. Here’s what I can think of now, in no particular order:

  1. Frog Hollow meyer lemon jam. Good thing they sell online after getting priced out. I guess its the same reason why I like Pierre Herme’s lemon tart- intensely lemony, sweet and salty.

  2. Tartine country bread. Others are very good too but still prefer this one.

  3. Boson Yum’s crab dishes.

Thanks for the Rainbow Orchard Apple juice rec. I went and got a bottle from my local farmers market. It’s mildly sweet and I quite like it. Try the Lone Star Orchards apple/ lemon juice blend if you have a chance.

I’ll check it out!

I might add a vote for the tacos from the Tacos Autlense truck next to Hotsy Totsy in Albany. There might be better tacos in the area, but probably not for $1.50

  1. Sonoma Cider’s “The Axe”, which is aged in bourbon barrels. Lovely and mellow, a world away from the sour tart style that is so prevalent now.

  2. WeLoveJam’s Blenheim Apricot jam. Their other varieties are okay but it’s the Blenheim that made their reputation and it remains their best. The least sugar of any Blenheim jam we’ve tried. We have friends who don’t even bother with bread, they just grab a spoon and dig into it! The second best jam they make is the Feijoa, an even more limited production item because, as the two owners say, “All those little tiny seeds…ugh!”

  3. Pietisserie’s Raspberry Chocolate pie, which is a really a chocolate raspberry truffle in cake form. As good as anything Michael Recchiuti makes. However, you do need to go buy at least a pint or maybe two, of Strauss’ Heavy Whipping Cream to go with the pie. Don’t oversweeten the cream and please don’t overwhip it, either, LOL.

  4. If you don’t like raspberries, then Recchiuti’s burnt caramel chocolate or his white chocolate-ginger truffle.

Hidden Star Orchards apple cider is my favorite in the SFBA.

You are describing me here. I do that with the Frog Hollow jams. Why dilute the taste of the jam with bread?

You are right- its Hidden Star Orchards, NOT Lone Star Orchards.