Wha'dja Think of the 'Parts Unknown' Bay Area Episode?

Almost exactly 10 years ago I spent 6 weeks in SF dismantling a suddenly-deceased relative’s apartment, and for R&R in between bouts of sorting and packing I would wander all over town, finding odd new places to eat and wondering ‘where would I/could I live, if I lived here?’, because aside from the somewhat morbid mission I was up there on, I was really loving the place. (So, that didn’t happen.)
I’m not that interested or entertained by Bourdain in general, but he likes to eat the way I like to eat, and aside from Swan and Sinbad’s, all the places featured were new to me, and some looked dee-licious. So, since I know quite a few of y’all are in that area, I’m curious how you think they did, and what they missed?

I havent been to the Bay area in a decade and cant comment on the dining scene but it was not my favorite AB episode ever. Too much jujitsu and i think he was too familiar with the place it did not havre the same sense of exploration and discovery

To much Tony and his Jiu Jistsu .

CNN’s overexposure of Bourdain has revealed what a smarmy bore he really is. I didn’t watch his latest take on the Bay Area, but I imagine a hipster circle jerk.

I agree, too much Tony and Jiu Jistsu (and I’m a martial arts teacher).
Aside from that, I’m a little bummed he went to Juhu Beach Club. I’m very happy for Preety, she deserves the recognition and the business that the show will bring, but I liked that I could drop in and get a table without much hassle. Now, I suspect reservations will be a must.