WFD - can it be it’s own category rather than a tag?

I find myself searching a lot for mentions or recipes in WFD - one of our most heavily trafficked topics.

It would be incredibly user-friendly to have a separate Category under Cooking for WFD, that could be used as a search filter.

I know there’s a tag that can be added as a filter, but given how popular WFD is as a category, it would be very helpful to have Cooking->WFD (Or Dinner or whatever) as a single step.



Let me understand a bit more how the search works (and whether it works properly). I understand the popularity of WFD, but would much prefer to find proper ways to search for posts in WFD than to create WFD as a category, for the reason that its preferable to keep the smallest number of categories while remaining usable. Arguably the categories on site right now could use some consolidation.

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