[Weymouth, Dorset) Sambô Rodizio

Sambo Rodizio is a perhaps unfortunate name which, bearing in mind rodizio’s Brazilian origins, hopefully means something different in Portuguese to the racially derogatory word we’d understand in English.

It’s located in an old pub a few minutes walk inland from the marina. We’ve been to similar restaurants before so knew it was going to be something of a different experience – a sort of South American take on the all-you-can-eat buffet.

There’s a nice range of salads and carbs which you can return to as often as you like. And there’s guys bringing the skewers of the various cuts of meat to you, slicing off as much as you want. The trick is to have them carve small amounts, so that you have the appetite to try the various cuts. We must have tried ten different ones – beef, chicken, gammon, lamb and sausage. OK, the occasional mouthful was overly chewy but generally it was all fine.

Apart from the meat slicers, the other front of house staff clear tables, deal with drinks, etc. They’ve clearly been well trained by the management and their service is really on the ball. I’d have to think of some high end restaurants to find matching standards. Good on them.

It probably goes without saying that we were greedy and left stuffed without room for dessert. All in all, a nice evening.