[Weymouth, Dorset] Bennett's

A classic seaside chippy, right on the harbour. It’s been there for over 30 years, so you’d reckon they know a thing or two about frying fish and chips. And they do.

It’s a takeaway, with a few tables for eating in. We ate in and both went with the same order for lunch. That’ll be the medium cod (there’s a large which must be enormous) and chips.

It’s perfectly cooked. A crisp light batter encasing a fillet which just flaked apart at the touch of the fork. And excellent chips – fried at a sufficiently high temperature that there’s no greasiness.

We may have to come back for the mackerel bap anc hips. The fish arrives straight off one of the harbour’s day boats. Not something you’re going to see in your average chippy.


I might have been back the next day… I love mackerel and see it on menus too rarely.

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