[Wetherby, Yorkshire] Wetherby Whaler

I don’t know why it should be the case but it always seems easier to find good fish and chips in Yorkshire than in other parts of the north. Which is a sort of disappointment for this Cestrian. And these were pretty good fish and chips.

On a Sunday lunchtime, when you might have expected folk would have been off in some pub eating catering quality roast beef, the Whaler was packed. There’s beautifully crisp batter encasing big, white flakes of haddock. There’s good chips, although they needed a little more time in the fryer to get some decent colour on them. And there’s nigh perfect mushy peas – mushy but not mush. And your plate comes with bread & butter and a soft drink included in the price.

It really shouldn’t be hard for places to serve this quality – so why don’t they?