Westfest to have official Czech beer, brewed in Waco, starting this year

Pivovar - hotel, restaurant, bar, brewery, spa, biergarten

Road trip!


Czech inspired but not Czech beer

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Good point. Thanks.

Though we need more actual Czech beers. For my taste i still think Czech beers are beyond compare. So, maybe if more small breweries start making versions of them, we’ll finally get a decent Czech style PIVO here. Schilling from NH isn’t bad and I’ve heard great things about Notch from Mass.

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Thanks. I don’t drink much at all any more but I did some checking locally just in case I get thirsty some day and found Pilsner Urquell, which I realize I’ve had before, and Czechvar. Urquell I think is on tap at Polonia, a Polish restaurant which closed during the pandemic and hasn’t reopened. I checked their grocery store, which doesn’t have a complete inventory online, and didn’t see any mention or beer or any pictures in their gallery. I remember really liking Urquell though so I’ll stop by.

I found nothing on Schilling or Norch; didn’t expect to, of course…


Oops, just missed it. Maybe next year.

Yeah, Notch doesn’t make it out of their immediate area, North shore of Boston and Schilling does make it to NY but sparingly. BudVar is pretty good as well. There are always 2-3 other smaller Czech brews available in the NYC region but ya never knw when and where they’ll popup, Rebel, is one…In Texas i liked Real Ale and Celis but it’s been some years since I’ve been in Texas…thanks covid…

You can get Pilsner Urquell at all of the major liquor stores.

Good stuff.


Celis made some very good beers. I toured the brewery in Austin, not realizing they had announced they were shutting down. Undoubtedly my favorite brand of all time. Only tasted a couple of Real Ale varieties; didn’t compare. I’m not up to date on Texas beers since I only sip a little now and then. I’d buy Celis (and Pilsner Urquell) if I saw them, but I don’t go down the beer aisle at grocery stores or go to liquor stores except the ones that have delis and specialty foods.

My bad luck not sure but PU doesn’t come off right in bottles I’ve had. Love the beer. Maybe I’m a victim of skunking. Certain other brands same thing.

If you’re ever in stowe vt the trapp family brewery does a respectable session Pilsner.

Good luck at westfest

Yuengling does a nice Pils.
I’m uberly fond of krystal weissen - Erdinger is my fav - but they have mucked up their USA distribution beyond all recognition and obtention.

I hadn’t heard that Celis was shutting down. I know they had some issues a while back but i thought they had worked through them. Their FB page is still current so…

Yeah, they’ve had issues but changed to brown bottles from green and also now in cans. I just had a 4 pack of the cans and for the modern version, it was good. Nothing like having it over there. That is transformative.

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Wow. Thanks for that. I haven’t been to Austin in about 15 years now and don’t follow the scene up there very carefully - I didn’t know they had come back. Great news.

ETA: I can’t find a date for the closing of the original brewery in Austin. The latest pictures I have that might have been taken on the trip when I toured the brewery are dated in 2009, but I have lost some pictures due to a computer crash in 2013.

This reminds me the 6-pack I bought of Pilsner Urquell did not impress me as much as the draft I had at the Polish restaurant. I think I only bought it the one time.

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Miller closed the original in about 2000 or so. The some no name brewery in Michigan(?) got the rights and they went out of business in 2-3 years so…

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