Western PA--Station 101 in Du Bois

Just doing a shout out for a pub located along I 80 in Du Bois, PA. My wife and I had two dinners there, four days apart while driving eastbound; and then westbound. Du Bois is about one hundred miles northeast of Pittsburgh. And Station 101 is a worthy stop for lunch or dinner.

The restaurants Mussels app, available in a garlic and white wine reduction is terrific. Among the very best we’ve tasted anywhere in the eastern U.S. Mussels are also served “Angry Style”, but we don’t do that with shellfish. Bar service is very good, with 12 craft beers on tap and another 24 bottled or canned. Two Gin Martinis I sampled on the two different nights were both wonderful.

A small drawback to me were the prices listed for their very beef-centric menu offerings. But then again, it was a vacation, and we weren’t pinching our pennies.

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Wow, haven’t thought about DuBois in years. Several generations of my mom’s family were from that coal mining / lumber town. Back in the day their culinary star was Nicks “Texas Hot” Coney Island hot dog sauce. Lot of Polish & Lithuanian influence in the food scene from what I can remember.