Westchester Wine & Food Festival 2018 - Burger & Beer Blast - 6/7/18

Anyone planning on coming to the Burger & Beer Blast this year? It’s a lot of fun - both as part of a competing restaurant team and as a taster. Without a doubt - come hungry and ready to be in burger glory! This night stands out as one of the more down-to-earth nights of the whole Festival. (Ok, fine - the MOST down-to-earth night - I honestly don’t feel like I fit in at any of the others!) Even the music is good! If you go, stop by the License 2 Grill booth and say hi! :slight_smile:

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I’m considering it but I find the price a bit obscene. I’m not much of a drinker so the entire $$ is really for burgers - wish they would issue a lower price for food alone!

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Looks fun but it’s sold out

sold out, well that makes my decision much easier. Again off subject but the Greenwich Concours is this weekend. Anyone enjoying old cars should check it out.

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I hear you. The burgers & food trucks are the big draw for me too.

I think the abeetz pizza truck will be at the food festival

  • highly recommended ( I prefer them to fortina,but I’m not a big fan of Fortina either)

Yes Abeetz will be there! Looking forward to finally trying it!

My husband scored free tickets to this event so we will be there!! :grin:

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Wish I could “love” this comment! Yay! You’ll have so much fun! See you Thursday! Stop by the License 2 Grill booth for one of Erica’s burgers & say hi! :blush:

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We definitely will. I’m excited! What’s the parking situation?

Have you been to one of the cultural festivals at Kensico Dam? The parking is similar. You’ll enter where you usually do and park on the grass - they have it organized pretty well. It’s very easy.

Yes but not in ages. Sounds good. I’m going to message you with some more questions, lol.

My husband and I got free tickets to this at the last minute. It is heaven for burger lovers although there were plenty of other goodies-- unlimited slices from Doughnation and Abeetz (though we didn’t see Abeetz till we were leaving and too full), chicken pitas and french fries from a Greek food truck, ice cream and more. I was really impressed at the organization of the event and the timing of food preparation for each booth- I never waited more than 5 minutes for a burger at a booth. It was really crowded but the crowd was relatively tame and relaxed, of course very happy to be in burger Nirvana. The beer selection was kind of sad but the focus is really the burger. Endless soda, water, and even mixed drinks too.

I can’t even remember all the burgers we had but I do recall my husband gobbling up a tuna burger from Eastchester Fish Gourmet. We had sliders with BBQ pulled pork on top from Mighty Quinn’s, a full size cheeseburger from Shake Shack, Piper’s kilt classic cheeseburger with onions, a dry aged burger from Southern Table in Pville (with fantastic chips!), a baby bacon cheeseburger on a waffle bun with syrup from the Wooden Spoon, a burger on a pretzel bun from the Castle (dry),and of course License 2 Grill’s delicious burger with a bacon jam that I am going to have to replicate at home! Probably more but I honestly lost track. We got to say hi to @Sra.Swanky while she was busy helping her friend, which was really fun!

If you are a big eater and a burger lover this is unequivocally worth $75. The variety is insane and if you pace yourself you can probably try most of them. Even better if you come with a crowd and can share. We made the mistake of not sharing at the beginning because we were so hungry and my husband lost steam early. I will eventually forgive him. Lol.

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Yay! Glad you enjoyed. It was great to see you! The burger contenders were terrific. Coals took 1st place again – I have to give them props though - their burger topped with tangy Buffalo sauce & fresh-made guacamole was killer.

I agree - definitely worth the $75 for all the burger & food truck goodness. The beer selection was limited. I remember it being a bit more varied last year. But they had a new Mango Blue Moon beer that was so refreshing. I really enjoyed that one & it went so well with the food.

The pizza was awesome. It was a long line, but got to try it! Doughnation was there too but I like these guys a lot. :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed it (after putting my reputation on the line (LOL). Funny how until recently typical ny slices were the benchmark, but now I favor many more styles (but not chicago deep dish). I even (occasionally) like either Frankie and Fanucci,orAnthony’scoal fired.However if you ever want a totally gloppy and unhealthy slice - try the sausage slice at Pelham Pizza. There plain is also very good but not a stand-out (it’s comparable to Sal’s - Mamaroneck)

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