Westchester steakhouse (Pelham)

I keep eye-balling the new selection of steakhouses and I’d like to go but tbh, the prices are off-putting unless it’s almost guaranteed to be good. This Macelleria Italian steakhouse is close by (fairly important) or even Benjamin’s which has been around awhile are the most tempting. Has anyone been to these or any others in lower Westchester. Macelleria has other branches in Greenwich and Armonk, and I assume the quality is the same. The only ones I’ve been to are RuthChris’s an d Mortons but that was long ago.

We have been to Benjamin’s many times and it is always very good. I am curious to try Macelleria but haven’t gotten there yet since every time we feel like having a steak dinner, we stick with tried and true Benjamin’s.

Went to thePelham location (awhile back) and had a very good meal. However the Pelham restaurant is apparently less of a steakhouse than some of the other locations. They did not offer larger cuts that are often listed for two or three people. Both the Greenwich and other location do offer that… Still it was enjoyable.If I wanted a typical steakhouse, this would not spring to mind but as a regular restaurant that serves a good steak, I’d consider going back.