(Westchester, NY) Where Do You Eat Tacos

Where do you like to eat tacos in Westchester? Both the modern/hipster places and the authentic ones?

I’ve heard tacos el poblano is by far the best. Need to trek down there.

The best place in this area is the Teca’s tacos truck at city park in new rochelle. It is on 5th ave. almost on the Larchmont border. Tacos are $2.50 each. Each is a small two tortilla,with a fairly generous filling - so far fairly standard but everything is well prepared and full of flavor. Add a can of soda for $1.00 and for $6 get a very good and satisfying lunch! Very traditional, and much better than any of the modern/hipster places - usually only modern by higher prices and dictionary- like descriptions of the same filling “barnyard chicken - that last clucked yesterday” - add$2 to the price.

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I’ve been happy with the tacos at Azteca in Mt Kisco. No frills and traditional. They seem to run out of chorizo often during the dinner hours, so be warned!

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Tacos el Poblano in Yonkers is great - they have a full menu of other traditional Mexican dishes in addition to tacos, too. Definitely no frills, though. We also liked the new Taco Project in Yonkers the one time we stopped in. Tacos on Hudson in Hastings is also good, but most definitely leaning to the modern/hipster/expensive side, as most things in Hastings do.


This is a great topic. For quality ingredients I like Tomatillo in Dobbs Ferry though they make no claim to authenticity, and it does tend to the higher end of the price spectrum as far as tacos go. They use very high quality meats and local produce when in season. I’m not a vegetarian, but they do have plenty of options for those who are. I’m looking forward to seeing the other replies on this thread!

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I used to like Roberto’s in White Plains. They were closed for a while, apparently sprucing themselves up a bit. We haven’t been for quite some time, as we found they were playing music at an ear splitting level, but I did like the tacos, especially the tongue.

We ordered from there (Tacos El Poblano) last week and it was so good! Wish I took pictures, but we ate them so fast…

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I also love Little Mexican Cafe in New Rochelle. I always get their appetizer sampler taco platter and a side of rice and beans for my entree.

Thanks so much for reminding me of this place. We used to go occasionally but haven’t been in a while. Glad to hear its still good!

Has anyone had Tacos Arabes anywhere? After watching Ugly Delicious, I’m curious if there are any good ones here.

@914Foodie I had to look this up because I’ve never heard of it before. Please report back if you do find it!

I did some googling…
Frida’s tacos
Tacos El poblano
Taqueria la picardia
Little Mexican cafe
All apparently have them!

Tacos El Poblano in Yonkers does them. It’s one of their signature dishes. I had them and they were pretty good!


Just had a yummy tlacloyo (tortilla stuffed with beans and topped with steak, salsa verde & crema) at Kensico Kitchen Deli in Valhalla. I’ve enjoyed their tacos but the tlacloyo was special. :blush:

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The taco truck - Teca’s Tacos is back at city park. The good news - it tastes as good as ever, the bad news (and no surprise) taco prices have gone up to an astronomical $3.00 each Surprisingly, they were $2.50 for as long as I can remember. Still one of the best bargains around, and best tasting. 4/2/19