Westchester Burger and Beer Blast 2019 - results?

(Lauren D) #1

My buddy closed License 2 Grill in Thornwood, so I wasn’t there working a booth last night. I heard it was a great night. Super crowded though. Coal’s was the winner for 2017 and 2018. Anyone know who placed for Best Burger last night?


(Bill) #2

North End Tavern in New Rochelle won the judge’s award and Wooden Spoon (also from New Rochelle) won the people’s choice award.

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(Lauren D) #3

Thank you! I’m sure they both made a great burger. I work with one of the chefs at Coals (teaching is our day job) and I know he wasn’t at their grilling helm last night. He was there last year & the year before. Danny is an incredible cook. Too bad for Coals - they might have gotten a Best Burger hat trick!!!