Westchester Burger and Beer Blast 2019 - results?

My buddy closed License 2 Grill in Thornwood, so I wasn’t there working a booth last night. I heard it was a great night. Super crowded though. Coal’s was the winner for 2017 and 2018. Anyone know who placed for Best Burger last night?

North End Tavern in New Rochelle won the judge’s award and Wooden Spoon (also from New Rochelle) won the people’s choice award.

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Thank you! I’m sure they both made a great burger. I work with one of the chefs at Coals (teaching is our day job) and I know he wasn’t at their grilling helm last night. He was there last year & the year before. Danny is an incredible cook. Too bad for Coals - they might have gotten a Best Burger hat trick!!!