West Street Tavern (Newton, Nonantum)

I didn’t find any mention of this place via a quick search. West Street describes itself as “Your Friendly Neighborhood Tavern & Restaurant”, and I’d say that is accurate. It’s not a destination place, but convenient when I am in the area and somewhere I’d be happy to have close to where I live. Patrons are a great mix of all types and service is welcoming to all. Prices are more than fair.

My daughter’s burger was better than expected. Cooked a perfect med rare with nice beefy flavor. My salad with turkey tips was more than adequate. The nachos at the table next to us looked very appealing.

I’m sure we’ll be back at some point when in the area. West Street isn’t going to be hyped by Eater in an “yes, there will be boozy milkshakes!” kind of way, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. in my book Neighborhood places like this are becoming a thing of the past.


A Slam Dunk!


Agree. I put this place in the same general league/vibe as O’Hara’s, Paddy’s, Dun Guerin, Brewers’ Coalition (all of which serve a similar function in their respective Newton neighborhoods), and above Tommy Doyle’s (same neighborhood)


Thanks for the call out. I’m always looking for casual neighborhood places for an easy weekend lunch. I’ll have to check it out.

@Ruprecht 's call out of Paddy’s reminds me that I need to post more often about these local places - maybe not destination worthy but solid, easy food if you’re in the neighborhoods.


Count me as a West Street Tavern fan but we haven’t been in years. I love these kinds of cozy, unpretentious, decidedly un-trendy places (to add to @Ruprecht’s list, I would put PJ Ryan’s in that same category for us…we have a long history with PJ’s).

Nice to hear that WST is still putting out good honest food.

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Oh yes, please do, that is highly valuable intel, part of why I post my often fairly mundane weekend eats.

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