[West Didsbury, Manchester] Indique - the "last chance saloon" visit

We’d not been happy with our last two visits to Indique. Food had been very, very slow coming out of the kitchen and we’d decided that this visit would be a “last chance saloon” for the restaurant. Luckily, there were no service issues so, for now, it stays of our list of places we visit with some regularity.

Starters here are always pretty plates of food. A very Westernised presentation with blobs, squiggles and smears of sauce. But it can detract from the food, as in bhel puri. The kitchen had moulded it using one of those metal rings so, whilst looking nice, it made it quite dense. It was also quite dry with squiggles and blobs doing little to moisten it. The other starter was fine. Three slices of paneer, dusted with tikka spices, enhanced with blobs of yoghurt and chutney.

Indique’s version of aloo gobi is the best we know in the area and it’s given that we’ll order it. As always, it was lovely. The other dish, Lauki Jhinga, was a new one for us and, disappointingly, wasn’t a great success. Nothing wrong with it , as such, and flavours were fine. Just a bad choice. It was texture thing really. There was a thin sauce, more soup than sauce, in which four king prawns floated. Just not something that we found particularly enjoyable to eat, although others may find differently. We shared a tandoori roti and a portion of rice.