[West Didsbury, Manchester] Greens

We’ve been too many times over the years for there to be anything new to say about Greens. So, here’s the food:

One of us started with an avocado bruschetta. It was OK. A couple of thick slices of sourdough, lavishly smeared with crushed avocado, decorated with radish and slices of lightly pickled onion. This is not going to set the world on fire.

More interesting was the veggie take on the Chinese classic of duck and pancakes, the meat here replaced with shreds of deep fried slightly crisp oyster mushrooms. There’s a plum sauce and a salad of cucumber and watercress. It actually needed more oomph from something – a bit of chilli perhaps.

Tofu katsu curry was pleasant enough. The tofu lightly fried, so had a bit of texture and the curry lightly spiced with just the right amount of chilli enhancing what was there, without overpowering it. There was rice (a bit claggy) and a handful of salad. The other main was probably the best dish of the evening, even if it was the veggie old favourite – the nut roast. It comes with carrots, beetroot and barley which all work really well. The menu advertises a gravy but it was pretty much non-existent and it really did cry out for it.

Greed got the better of us, so we ordered desserts. An orange and lemon posset was nicely citrusy and the accompanying ginger biscuit was nicely crisp. On the other hand, a chocolate brownie was dry and not very interesting. It would have been perked up by the chocolate sauce but there wasn’t enough to do the job.

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