West Coast Beef : Viennese dogs and Italian beef

A brand new venture founded by the same owners of My House (now closed) in downtown San Jose. Excellent service, tasty food, and good prices.



Are these folks originally from Chicago?
Because they should go all out, or just use west coast dogs.

Not sure if they are from Chicago. But the food is good.

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The measuring stick?


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I was thinking along these lines…

I never made it there before they closed.
The SJ place seems like an upscale hot dog/burger joint which, to me, is a contradiction in terms.
Why I’m not a restaurant consultant.
Side note: my food friend Mark AKA Chicago Style Dog, runs Hot Dog University in conjunction with Vienna Beef.
How to operate a hot dog cart. Successfully. :slight_smile:

I was at Portillos last week. It was only OK, nothing memorable.

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The place in SJ sounds delicious, I was just amused at their concept.
I’d certainly eat there.