West Chester PA restaurants [PA]

Dined again at Avalon tonight. Not what it was before the move. Baked meatball app was bland and boring. Short rib was OK, but the risotto it was served with was way way too garlicky. Really nothing there to recommend it.

I’m inclined to agree with you, Sal. Avalon was on my regular rotation before the move. We weren’t thrilled with the last couple of meals we had there. That and other things (location, parking, not BYO most nights) render it no longer one of my go-to spots.

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Exactly, Cindy. Just mediocrity at Avalon.

What’s left in West Chester to be worth the trip? Laguna Miramare is all that I can think of.
Limoncello is nothing. Doc Magrogan’s is nothing.

I’ve mentioned Baan Thai Sabaidee a couple of times. It’s right behind Laguna Miramare. I put it into the category of “it is what it is,” meaning it’s a very acceptable Asian-fusion spot. The menu offers Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian and Chinese dishes. Service is good, if a bit fast for my liking. It’s BYO (I know, not your preference, Sal). It’s on my regular “neighborhood” rotation. Despite the crowds, for the most part I don’t think the restaurants in downtown West Chester are anything to rave about.

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Had a dinner at Dilworthtown Inn last night,which is close to WC. It was just OK. The meat was fine but the grilled carrot and asparagus were literally uncooked…warm but raw. Still, it was a good time and everybody else had a good meal.