[West Camel, Somerset] Mattia Diner

This was a chance find while we were looking for somewhere for lunch and a pee. Half a mile before, there had been a large service area – filling station, couple of fast food places, toilets etc. It was rammed with cars queuing to try and find parking. We’d given up, never expecting to come across a winner so soon.

It’s done out in an interpretation of an early 1960s American diner – lots of chrome with photos of Marilyn and Elvis on the wall and Buddy on the playlist. There’s an eclectic menu taking in the likes of burgers, hot dogs, breakfast, along with a handful of more British dishes like fish & chips.

Burgers were excellent. A juicy, tasty patty on a brioche bun, almost miraculously not falling apart halfway through eating it. It’s covered with a decent helping of fried onion. Alongside, a little salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, excellent onion ring and coleslaw. And good crisp fries. We both drank coffee – it was as good as everything else. Service was friendly, fast and efficient – you might almost be in a genuine American diner