WesBurger n'More [San Francisco, Mission]

Was getting some groceries from Duc Loi in the Mission last week and noticed that WesBurger n’More was open a few doors down, so I went in and had a burger. You order at the counter and get a flag with a number. Had the Hot Wes ($11), which is a 6oz burger with pickled jalapeños, queso and a breaded onion ring. The queso works well as a burger topping, melded with the vinegary jalapenos to form kind of a nacho cheese like sauce. The onion ring added some crunchiness as did the crispy fried exterior of the burger patty. The burger patty was cooked medium well, maybe could have been a little more rare. However it was pleasantly fatty and beefy. Apparently they are ground from brisket. Bun was also nice - buttery and toasted.


We’ve enjoyed this burger at his pop-up at Mojo Bicycle Cafe on Divisadero - a short walk for us!
hmmm - now, it’s get in the car and find parking. We will.
Thanks for the reminder that the doors are open and the burgers are hot off the grill.

Mine have been medium rare as requested.

How’s the Fried Chicken?

that looks great. i’ve not even noticed it and I shop at Duc Loi pretty often. glad to know of it.

The burger came out medium well both times I went (I didn’t specify preference the first time, and asked for medium rare the second). Luckily, there’s lots of meatiness and I liked the toppings and the bun, which had more substance than the airy brioche everyone else seems to use. The wesburger was tasty, and a special Korean one, with bulgogi bacon, was even better.

The chicken sandwich was great. Crunchy with lots of chile flavor, probably tied with Brenda’s Meat and Three for my favorite fried chicken sandwiches.

Queso tots had a good distribution of cheese sauce.

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thanks, i finally saw this place over the weekend.

Is “queso” some specific cheese?